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Nutrilite Daily Review - Does This Supplement Really Work? Are poor product quality and lack of real science deal breakers?

Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

nutrilite-daily-product-imageNo joke- over 50% of diet products simply don’t work. So what about Nutrilite Daily? We took some time and did one of our in-depth reviews, focusing closely on the side effects, ingredients, clinical studies and customer care. Furthermore, we looked at hundreds of dieter comments and customer reviews from all over the web. Lastly, we compressed all of the data and feedback we found to give you the bottom line.

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What You Need To Know

Nutrilite Daily is a multivitamin supplement available from Amway. According to the official website, this product is supposed to promote overall health and well-being. It provides 13 essential vitamins and 11 minerals. This supplement also contains concentrates such as; carrot, Acerola Cherry, alfalfa, parsley, watercress and spinach. In order to use Nutrilite Daily, you simply take one tablet each day, along with a meal. Put simply, this supplement is intended to provide the vitamins and minerals your daily diet lacks.

It appears that Nutrilite Daily has been available since 2011. This product is sold on Amazon for $19.99 (180 tablets) and is completely kosher. Furthermore, Amway is rated well by the Better Business Bureau, but read on…

Poor Product Quality – A Concern?

According to our Research Editor, “There are quite a few customer complaints posted online concerning the quality of this product. Needless to say, this is very concerning.”

One dieter stated, “The supplement facts label (part of the original package label) states Iron and Vitamin K. Then there is a bare code sticker that states the contrary (no iron or vitamin K). I don’t know which to trust. I don’t like these 2 labels with conflicting information on the same product.”

Another person said, “The bottle was very dirty when I received it. The sticker was also not on all the way. It was sloppily put on with air pockets all over in between the bottle and sticker.”

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Lack of Real Science

We did not find any real science presented on the company website to support Nutrilite Daily tablets. Therefore it’s difficult to determine if this supplement actually does what it claims. One customer commented, “I don’t believe these vitamins are actually beneficial. I was speaking to my doctor, and he told me you should not even take a vitamin unless your are lacking specific vitamins, and are directed to take one by a doctor.”

Another user said, “These vitamins are not so good. Give me a stomachache whenever I use them.”

Our research has revealed that if there is one particular part of a diet supplement or weight loss pill that is especially bothersome (a painful/difficult exercise routine, lack of real science, poor product quality) the chances of long-term success are not good. Therefore if Nutrilite Daily does lead to a lot of customer complaints about poor quality and lack of results, this could be problematic.

The Science – Solid?

We at DietSpotlight need to see scientific research that supports the product we’re reviewing. As for Nutrilite Daily, there is no actual science presented on the company website to back up the claims regarding this supplement. This will surely leave customers wondering how effective it actually is.

The Bottom Line: Does Nutrilite Daily Work?

Now the moment you’ve been waiting for: our bottom line on Nutrilite Daily. Well, we like that Nutrilite Daily is easy to buy online and this company has a good BBB rating. But we have some reservations about this supplement because it’s not backed by any real science. Also, we’re concerned about the customer complaints and poor product quality.

If you’d like to shed more pounds of fat, then we advise you to try a product that is backed by clinical research, comes with great customer service and is supported by plenty of positive user reviews.

Among the best products we’ve seen in 2015 is one called Leptigen. This supplement uses a blend of four key ingredients, which have been proven in documented clinical studies to help ignite metabolism and enhance fat loss. Furthermore, we can’t find any discussion of harmful adverse effects and dieter comments on the internet indicate people are seeing excellent results.

Plus, the makers of Leptigen are so sure of the supplement, they’re offering a Special Trial Offer, which is a good sign.

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How Does Nutrilite Daily Compare?

Previous Nutrilite Daily Review (Updated January 1, 1970):

What You Should Know

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Nutrilite Daily is a daily multivitamin sold by the Nutrilite company. The product is no longer for sale on the official company website, but dieters can find the multivitamin on Amazon.com. Taking a daily multivitamin is crucial for general health, but none of the ingredients in a multivitamin are going to boost weight loss or metabolism - directly. Some experts believe a better functioning body can process supplements more effectively and recover more quickly from exercise. When a dieter is healthy they will likely lose weight faster, sleep better and workout stronger. These effects could directly relate to increased weight loss.

List of Ingredients

Plant Concentrates, Vitamins, Minerals and Essential Nutrients.

Product Features

Dieters tend to skim calories from foods like fats and proteins. Aside from providing healthy sources of energy, the foods that contain fats and protein also contain vitamins, minerals and nutrients essential for general health and well-being. Nutrilite Daily attempts to restore healthy vitamin, mineral and nutrients levels in the body in an attempt to support good health. Dieters should take a multivitamin every day to ensure they are getting all the vitamin support they need for good health.

While no direct link has been studied between vitamins and weight loss, the indirect link is evident. Many vitamins and minerals support a healthy immune system. If the immune system is weak, the dieter may fall ill more often leaving less time for working out and fewer days spent focusing on weight loss. Nutrilite Daily may support the healthy immune system every dieter needs.

The fact that the official website no longer lists Nutrilite Daily for sale means they no longer manufacture the product. Double X is another multivitamin available from Nutrilite, so this product may have replaced the Nutrilite Daily. Double X is more expensive than Nutrilite Daily. Nutrilite Daily sells on Amazon for less than $20 a bottle. This is still more expensive than an over the counter multivitamin.

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  • Supports general health and well-being.
  • May boost immunity.
  • Contain vitamins and minerals that may be missing from the diet.


  • No longer available on the Nutrilite website.
  • Will not boost metabolism.
  • Does not have an effect on weight loss.
  • Sells for more than the average multivitamin.


Dieters need to ask the seller on Amazon.com for an expiration date before purchasing Nutrilite Daily. If the main company is no longer selling the product, retailers could be selling out of old stock leaving the dieter with a short-dated product. The cost of Nutrilite Daily does not make it more effective and there is no ingredient list published to compare to other vitamins.

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    Can my father aged 80 years use Nutrilite Protein Poweder Daily as health supplementm


    Karen (Editor)

    Hello Amit. We advise you to consult his physician as these product may affect his bodily chemistry in potentially unexpected ways.


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    Nutrilite tablet weight gain krte h???plzzz tell me


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    kamal sharma

    I goes to gym daily but I can’t get impressive results so I want to know that can I improve my muslces size with the regularly use of nutrilie of tab.I want my muslces bigger size.plz help me


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    what is the side effect of daily tablet which os its contain and how its help our bodyell us your thoughts about Nutrilite Daily.


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    My opinion Nutrilite Daily best of the best food supplement.


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    My weight is 128. Can I take 2 tablets per day.





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    i want to learn about nutrilite daily amway tablet


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    Is there any side effect while using nutrilite powder and tablet.??


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    I want to know that it work in weight loss or gain


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    I’m a independent business owner of Amway, and I love our products, Nutrilite Daily doesn’t have any side effects and if somebody experience any side effects, may be because that person is allergic to any of the ingredients but for that we have the solution we have another daily vitamin with different ingredients all natural as all our products, check out our website for more info and yes we still have the daily multivitamin in our website, don’t believe that is no longer available it is still, don’t buy them in amazon because nobody is going to guarantee them, in our website you’ll have 180 days warranty.


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    I agree with you but some people say to me you must not take nutrilite daily .


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    If I am 1KG Nutrilite protein powder daily take protein with milk, Can I improve my weights?


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    Nutrilite protine powder is a good soruce of lean muscle gain not for early weight gain its gain your muscles .which cause of weigt gain.


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    Can You Take nutrilite while taking blood pressure meds ??



    Before taking my query be replied


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    Nutrilite Daily use karne se wait kam ya jyada hota hai. Plz sir ye jarur batana.. Muje mail karna plz…



    No wait loss but helps is normal development


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    can i use my nutrilite tablet’s on expiry date three month later..? plz say me
    it best or not



    Just iam clarify daily!


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    Is Nutrilite daily tablets good for body builders? If yes then please say that when should i take? After workout or after dinner?


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    Sir mai nutrilite pro pwdr use kar rha hu but koi progress nhi ho rhi hai pls help me


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    why i can use my nutrilite tablet’s on expiry date two month later..?plz say me


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