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The world of diet pills and weight loss supplements can get confusing. After all, there are so many of them available online and in common stores, such as the corner drugstore or supermarket. Needless to say, there are options when it comes to weight loss and weight management. The key is finding and choosing a product that truly meets your needs and goals, but without causing any side effects. Finding out the details and specifics on a fat loss supplement beforehand can really be helpful. This is why we created this review on PheraMOAN, which is a supplement formula sold online.


  • Natural Pheromones

Product Features

PheraMOAN is a very unique dietary supplement formula that may help regulate pheromones in your body. If you are unclear what these are, pheromones are essentially chemicals that occur naturally in the body. They are found in most all species’, and they attract the opposite sex. When taking PheraMOAN, your confidence levels may improve, and timid behavior may subside. However, it is unclear how this will actually assist with weight loss. Some websites claim that the pheromones may relieve stress, which may in turn reduce weight, since cortisol levels might decrease.

The only ingredient mentioned for PheraMOAN is Natural Pheromones. These should help increase and regulate your pheromone levels. However, this product does not literally help with fat burning, appetite suppression, or an improved metabolism. Therefore PheraMOAN is certainly not a traditional health supplement. The cost of this supplement is $150 per year. While there is a “free trial” mentioned, it may still cost you some shipping and handling fees. There are no user testimonials posted to support this supplement formula.

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  • This supplement may help improve your confidence levels.
  • PheraMOAN is available online, and no prescription is needed.


  • This formula may disrupt or throw off your body’s chemical balance.
  • PheraMOAN does not specifically assist with weight reduction.
  • There are no customer testimonials found to support this supplement.
  • There are definitely other diet pills available with more promising ingredients.
  • No exercise regimen or healthy eating plan is recommended.


When it really comes down to it, PheraMOAN does not seem to be an ideal choice for weight loss or management. The ingredients say it all. More specifically, the one ingredient that is mentioned, and the various proven weight loss ingredients that are not mentioned. Since this supplement only contains Natural Pheromones, it will unlikely do much to help with fat loss or calorie burning. Therefore we do not recommend that you spend any money on PheraMOAN. In fact, you should actually consult a licensed doctor before taking a product with pheromones in it.

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