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Physique Transformation is an internet package that claims to help you lose your excessive weight, focusing on toning the core. As state on their website, learning from physique transformation will allow users to enjoy a relatively smaller and slim belly. This online program gives the user free trials, diet analysis, an e-book, and exercise and diet tips for a monthly fee. The focus of the programs is to lose weight while toning the body. Physique Transformation works in rotations where you will analyze your diet, condition your body, burn fat, and get a maintenance plan. This is not a lose weight quick program.

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Product Features

It’s stated that physique transformation arrives with an online food analyst software program which ensures maximum manageability and effectiveness. Furthermore, they also say it includes a body fat calculator that is supposed to allow you to learn your progress over a period of time. A 96 pages instructional e-Book is given to you with what some might say are various interesting and effective ways of transforming your physique according to your desire.

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  • Physique transformation is supposed to allow you to learn diet analysis and give free trials as well. By using Physique Transformation guide, you’re supposed to learn some truly practical, effective, and long term solutions to cut your belly.


  • Physique transformation also reportedly gives you some interesting and practical ways to keep motivated during your transformation exercises. For example, you can have a fat loss competition with your big belly friend and can definitely have a victory as well.



  • Methods and exercises discussed in Physique transformation are isolation exercises. This means that they only focus on one type of muscle group and hence you don’t have strength effectiveness in real world.


  • Some of the exercises are potentially harmful and can also damage your knees and legs.


In addition to above discussed features and benefits, Physique Transformation claims to contain thousands of hidden benefits in it. This is supposed to be there reason as to why they believe they are the most preferred product among big belly people. Physique Transformation is available in different packages for its customers. It’s mostly sold package is for four users and cost $12.97 per month. However, this monthly fee just provides you with information on how to lose weight and condition your body. You do not get any supplements or equipment with this monthly fee. It may be a good idea to start with buying a gym membership and see if you will actually workout on your own before buying a product that is not guaranteed to work and results will be based personal motivation.

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