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ProLab Caffeine contains 200 mg of caffeine. This is a huge amount of caffeine, but many caffeine supplements include this amount. There is no written rule that 200 mg of caffeine is more effective than other amounts. Products like No Doze sold as anti-sleep medications over the counter contain the same amount of caffeine. There are positive and negative effects of caffeine, but the effects depend on the average caffeine intake of the user.

List of Ingredients

Calcium and caffeine.

Product Features

Every dieter will have a different tolerance for caffeine. On average, 200 mg of caffeine is a bit more than the average dieter should take in one sitting. One cup of coffee has about 75 mg of caffeine, so one dose of ProLab Caffeine contains as much caffeine as nearly three cups of coffee. This caffeine is introduced to the body all at one time, not over time as it is when coffee is consumed.

The positive benefits of caffeine include increased metabolism, a feeling of alertness and increase stamina. Negative side effects of caffeine include nervousness, increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, fatigue and addiction. Patients suffering from panic disorders may find high doses of caffeine causes a panic attack.

Caffeine is proven to increase metabolism, but 200 mg is not the magic number. Dieters who drink lots of coffee may not feel any differently after taking ProLab Caffeine. On the flip side, dieters who do not drink coffee or other caffeine-based drinks or foods may feel nervous, jittery and nauseous after taking the supplement. The body quickly becomes accustomed to caffeine. Over time, increasing amounts of caffeine are needed to maintain increased energy and alertness. At this point, the dieter is addicted to caffeine and will feel negative side effects like fatigue and headache if they choose not to take caffeine daily.

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  • Caffeine is cheaper than other fat burning supplements.
  • Will increase energy and alertness.


  • May cause negative side effects like nervousness and jitters.
  • Caffeine lasts 12 hours in the body, so supplements like ProLab Caffeine should not be taken after lunch.
  • Could cause sleeplessness.
  • May cause caffeine addiction.
  • May cause increased heart rate and blood pressure.


Caffeine is a common and important ingredient in weight loss supplements, but the amount of caffeine needed to increase metabolism varies widely. Some dieters intake hundreds of mg of caffeine every morning with a few cups of coffee and others take no caffeine at all. Dieters sensitive to stimulants like caffeine should not take the recommended dose of ProLab Caffeine immediately. Working up to a higher dose of caffeine can take several weeks, but the body will adjust and soon more than 200 mg will be needed to achieve the same result.

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