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Pure Test is a FinaFlex supplement that claims to be pure testosterone. The ingredient list does not show testosterone as an ingredient, so that claim is nixed right out of the gate. Testosterone boosters don’t really boost testosterone, when they come in supplement form. They do, however, supply what the body regularly uses to produce testosterone.

We found Pure Test on a number of vitamin websites. The product is formulated by Redefine Nutrition. The price of Pure Test is much lower than the price of other testosterone boosters, but that could mean the company is selling out of one formula to introduce another. Other testosterone boosters offer multiple ingredients, while this product contains just one.

List of Ingredients

D-Aspartic Acid.

Product Features

According to the product description for Pure Test, the supplement is proven to increase testosterone levels in human studies. These studies are not listed in the description, so the company expects the reader to believe the claim without clinical support. There are testosterone studies that show an increase in testosterone in a very small portion of the population. The studies most often include participants that are older and suffer from reduced testosterone levels or those with a deficiency in D-Aspartic Acid and thus the supplement supports the body’s natural production of testosterone.

It is more likely that Pure Test supports healthy testosterone levels than boosting levels beyond natural. In this case, the user will not feel the effects of the supplement unless they are currently suffering from lower than normal testosterone. In terms of bodybuilding, lifters want a boost above normal not a return to normal.

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  • Pure Test is available for sale online.
  • All ingredients are listed in label form.
  • The product sells for less than other test boosters.
  • May support healthy testosterone levels.


  • Will not boost testosterone above normal levels.
  • May only work for men who have lower than normal testosterone levels.
  • Clinical studies mentioned in the product description are not listed in the description.


Most testosterone boosters are a waste of money. Some include libido boosters in an attempt to fool the user in to believing they are gaining testosterone, but Pure Test does not even do that. The product contains a supportive ingredient that the body already uses to product testosterone. There are no listed clinical studies and we err on the side of caution when a company claims there are human trials but doesn’t bother to list those clinical trials. Dieters will not find any weight loss benefits from taking Pure Test or any other testosterone booster. It is best to choose proven weight loss ingredients when trying to lose weight.

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