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Many weight loss products come and go. Therefore it is normal to see a diet pill or fat loss program on the internet or in a store, and then notice it is gone a month later. As you may know, many of these weight loss products and programs are fly-by-night products. In other words, you do not want the supplements and kits that disappear quickly anyway. They are unlikely to work for you, and help you reach your weight loss goals. In this piece, we are going to look more closely at Quick Stik. This is a product that is no longer available either. It is a simple and convenient supplement that can be used on the go.


    Not available.

Product Features

Quick Stik is a product that comes in powder form. You simply tear open one package of this powder, and then add it to water for consumption. Basically, this formula is an alternative to energy drinks and caffeine-based beverages. It is supposed to boost your energy levels, aid the metabolism, and help you burn off calories at a faster pace. This in turn may encourage weight reduction. Of course antioxidants are also found in Quick Stik products. This helps fend off damaging free radicals.

Although there is no complete ingredient list posted for Quick Stik powder, it is revealed that this formula contains Green Tea Extract, Caffeine, Fruit Extracts, and Antioxidants. Therefore a lot of Caffeine is likely found in this energy beverage. Green Tea contains EGCG and Caffeine, which is supposed to boost the metabolism and increase energy levels. Fruit Extracts are likely added for antioxidant protection and a few vitamins. Quick Stik is suitable for women and men alike. There is no official price posted for this weight loss product, and no money-back guarantee is mentioned. A special diet plan and exercise are not encouraged with Quick Stik.

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  • This weight loss supplement contains antioxidants.
  • Quick Stik may boost your energy levels temporarily.


  • Since this product is high in caffeine, it may lead to some side effects.
  • There is no money-back guarantee presented with this product.
  • No healthy diet plan or fitness regimen are recommended.
  • There are alternative weight loss products available with more promising ingredients.


If you are really trying to get rid of excess body fat, we do not recommend Quick Stik. First of all, the only ingredients really mentioned for this product are Green Tea and Caffeine, which are both stimulants. These key ingredients will unlikely aid with any long-term weight loss results. Furthermore, there are alternative diet products available today that have proven key ingredients. It is wise to check out other weight loss products online and in stores, before settling on one like Quick Stik.

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