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Raspberry Slim is an all-natural fat burner from Windmill Vitamins. The ingredients are all listed online from various supplement websites with ingredient amounts, in most cases. The superfruit extracts are part of proprietary blends, which is not a big deal because superfruit are not proven to have any benefit on weight loss anyway. We did not find the supplement on a dedicated website, but it is available from various trusted supplement companies, so we feel safe recommending the product to dieters. If you are interested in an all-natural product that will not cause negative side effects like heart palpitations or hypertension, this could be a good choice, but the formula is not going to drastically improve weight loss.

List of Ingredients


  • Green Tea Leaf
  • Raspberry Ketone
  • Acai Fruit Extract
  • Lichi Fruit Extract
  • Blueberry Fruit Extract
  • Raspberry Fruit Extract
  • Mulberry Fruit Extract

Product Features

Green tea leaf is the primary ingredient. There is slightly more than 250 mg of green tea leaf. This leaf is proven to boost metabolism with or without the caffeine content naturally found in tea leaves. We’d like to see closer to 300 or 350 mg per serving, but 250 is a good base dose.

Raspberry ketones are hugely popular right now because Dr. Oz remarked about how they were a natural fat burner. We found animal studies supporting this claim, but the impact raspberry ketones has on the adult human is at less dramatic than it is on animals.

The remaining ingredients are all superfruits. These may impact antioxidant levels and help reduce the effect of free radicals on aging and other body processes, but superfruits will not increase weight loss. Superfruits are best consumed as food products. The body absorbs nutrients better when eaten as part of a meal, but supplements are not meals. Even if you take the supplement with food, the superfruits will not absorb as well.

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  • Raspberry Slim ingredients are listed online via several websites.
  • The main ingredients are safe and effective – to some extent.
  • Superfruits are good for overall health.


  • There is no appetite suppressant in the formula.
  • There is slightly less green tea than we would like to see.
  • The formula is missing a source of caffeine.


We like Raspberry Slim and the formula is sound – but it is not the perfect weight loss supplement (if there is such a thing.) We’d like to see more green tea and a splash of caffeine. The formula should also have some form of appetite suppressants. Superfruits are not for weight loss and they are better eaten not taken.

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  • 1

    Is there an age limit? I want to take Rasberry Slim, I’m 12 but I’m not sure if I can take it.



    Most diet/weight loss pills are for ages 18 and up… Plz talk to your parents and doctor before taking anything!!!!!


  • 2

    Stomach pain


  • 3

    i am trying to find out if it’s okay to take raspberry slim if I’m on a low carb plan