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Red Dawn is a line of products that were created to enhance the users mood and extend energy to are suppose to allow you to party longer. Red Dawn products are marketed to people who like to be on the party scene and are seeking a legal supplement to enhance their mood without a prescription. Red Dawn supplements are supposed to deliver effects of increased sexual sensitivity, happiness, increased energy levels, improved attitude and greater relaxation. These supplements have not been tested for benefits through scientific research studies. These are considered to be party enhancement formulas and are regularly available on the internet.

List Of Ingredients

Red Dawn states the ingredients in their Red Dawn Vector Extra pills are legal natural herbal ingredients: 500mg. proprietary blend: Fevizia, Palenzia, De La Amazone.

Product Features

Red Dawn offers several different supplements. The company states each supplement will have different effects on different people. Begin with the lowest dosage possible. If it doesn’t provide the expected response, take another pill. Some of the more popular products offered by the Red Daw are:Relaxers – Red Dawn 5 HTP (60 capsules), Red Dawn 5 HTP (90 capsules), Red Dawn Sleep Walker, Red Dawn ZanX (10 tablets), Red Dawn ZanX (4 tablets), Sexual/Mood Enhancement – Red Dawn Vector Extra (1 pill), Red Dawn Vector Extra (12 packs), Red Dawn Vector Shot, Red Dawn Orgasmix, Red Dawn Ossify for Men, Red Dawn Vector Liquid Euphoria Shots, and Red Dawn Viamax for Men.

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  • Red Dawn products utilize all natural ingredients.
  • Red Dawn states their products are all legal to use and allow one to party longer.
  • Red Dawn dosing can be adjusted to meet individual needs.


  • Red Dawn does not have testing to support their claims.
  • Red Dawn is very popular.
  • Red Dawn products cannot be taken before driving or when the person needs to be in control.


Red Dawn markets its products to people who want to stay on the party scene longer and enhance their mood. The company does not offer any research to support their claims or to testify to the safety of the products. Caution should be taken when the user will be driving a car or operating equipment. Caution should be used when taking the supplement at times when the user should maintain the ability to use sound judgment. Red Dawn states its supplements are legal to sell and to take. No prescription is necessary to use Red Dawn products. It is important to seek the advice of a medical doctor if you have any health concerns, before trying a Red Dawn product.

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  • 1
    Your Name

    its poison


  • 2

    Red Dawn changed the formula in their energy drink around November 2013 Used to work fantastic. Now it just givesd you a headache.


  • 3

    Look i love this product but i am always apprehensive this works as like my morning coffee and theres nothing in it which suggests to me its bad i have been taking it for a week now sometimes half dosage most of the time full dosage… i find it keeps me alert aware and happy especially during class i read the comment about the heroin like withdrawals and i must say this shit is addictive i put it in my cupboard to avoid wanting it daily which the whole out of sight out of mind thing works for me but i can see what people mean its better than a morning coffee and im not even a coffee drinker this shit is great but addictive


  • 4

    love this movie but would you do the same thing im a ex marine i am already planing for the time it happens. it will most likely is going to happen


  • 5

    Does anybody know if the red dawn vigor show up on a urine lab test? Someone please help! I am worried sick! Ive done alot of research but i want to know if anyone else has exspeirienced a lab test & worried that the vigor sleep walker would show up(: someone, anyone please help me!



    It wont


  • 6

    I have done extensive research on Phenibut, and have been using it for 8 months straight at low dose (200mg/day). This is the maximum dose for myself at which desired effects are achieved, yet minimizing side-effects. I have tested Phenibut on others too, and at doses up to 2g. I have learned definitively that the Phenibut effects/toxicology are ENTIRELY NOT WEIGHT/BODY MASS DEPENDENT. I believe the effects are due individual liver enzymes, dopamine, and GABA B levels or in a re-uptake mechanism. I have seen marked respiratory depression occur (similar to 1,4 Butanediol 4-5mg doses) in people using as little as 250mg of Phenibut. Others tolerate it well (not myself) at doses up to 2g with no signs of distress and only slight symptoms of stereotypical elevated GABA/dopamine behavior. This is an important future drug in the treatment of certain disorders in N. America, and in situations where a person may need to function with clarity, with unnatural physical and mental stresses (astronauts, fighter pilots, soldiers, etc.), but it has no use as a recreational drug in my opinion and should be regulated heavily. I have seen first hand severe respiratory depression at low dose from this drug used alone. To compound this, it is a very reactive substance in the body and contraindicated with just about everything. Phenibut is a wonder drug, yes; but absolutely NOT a recreational substance…


  • 7

    Tried the Red Dawn sleep walker. Yeah it’s a trip, but it’s more like MDMA, too touchy-feely stuff for me.
    I am more used to trips like LSD when there are no knowns, stuff that rips your head open and pours in experience :-) – more mind-manifesting.
    Red Dawn Sleep Walker is enjoyable though, great to do with your girlfriend or in good company. You may initially get a lot of flushing and mild burning of skin – do not panic, these are effects of vitamin B3 (Niacin), they will quickly pass.
    If your weight is above 200 pounds take 4 together or take two and 45 minutes later take two more.
    A warning to those on MAO inhibitors – STAY AWAY FROM THIS, don’t be dumb and then complain you almost died. If you are on adrenergic/serotonergic antidepressants – be careful, take one pill and wait 1 hour and 30 minutes, see how you feel.
    You HAVE BEEN WARNED, be responsible, do not combine this with alcohol/other drugs. I am an experienced psychonaut, if I am careful with these you should be too. I READ peer-reviewed material (where possible) or lengthy trip reports about every substance I intend to put in my brain.

    Oh and have an enjoyable experience! For its price Red Dawn Sleep Walker is worth it. :-)


  • 8

    I agree 100% with sean. If it says take a specific amount then thats what you do. Just like anything else in life, if you have too much, it will be bad for you. Im really surprised there isnt more info on these things…ive spent hours trying to get a straight answer from more than a couple sources and its really a runaround. But so far id give these things a HUGE THUMBS UP!! It does exactly what it claims. Sustained effect for hours and if you take too much it will have adverse side effects…Ive tried several different ones from red x dawn and dark matter both companies have links but neither one has much info at all, this is concerning, but so far they are way cool, much like doing ls d but w/o the visuals, very euphoric feeling, happiness, good mood, energy, but you can sleep too if you want to. So far this stuff is awesome, except for the fact that i cant shake this reoccurring feeling of paranoia that i took something that might kill me. Would be really nice to know a lot more about these things from someone whose actually had them, or knows about them. Is it dangerous? Thank you for any info and for your time and consideration, Sean.


  • 9

    I work in an adult store and we sell a few of the Red Dawn products. First off, “Red Dawn” is the manufacturer not the actual substance. Having said that, since all of you refer to the substances simply as “Red Dawn” that proves that you did not properly read the label. All of the ingredients are listed on all of Red Dawn’s products and if you are too lazy to research the main ingredients of these products then you are being completely irresponsible and juvenile. The only Red Dawn products I have ever tried are the Sleep Walker pills, which contain B-vitamins, Phenibut, caffeine, and GABA. I did thorough research on Phenibut before trying and I would recommend anyone else to research anything before they ingest it.

    “If you don’t know what it is, you don’t need it”

    Go ahead, talk trash about me.


  • 10

    My boyfriend of three years and I just had our first baby on the 14th of September, on the 17th, I lost him due to this substance. He s still in the icu at our hospital. He suffers from severe psychological hallucinations. He barely remembers me or his newborn daughter. He sent three days vomiting severely before he confessed and handed me the bottle of red dawn. He has been using this product regularly for months, and when one dose stopped working, he increased his dosage. The psychologist says that he is still suffering from withdrawals from the red dawn. Their lab has run tests on this product, and is reporting it to the D E A. It is possible that my daughter will never know her father, and that her father will never know his daughter. I visit him, and sometimes he thinks he s in our living room, sometimes e realizes he is in the hospital, but most of the time he is hallucinating and becomes violent to the point they have to restrain him. The hallucinations were so severe at one point, that he nearly killed himself. I’m divulging this information because there are many people that say “it’s legal, it can’t be bad for you” and ” if you have a bad trip, you took to much and you are ruining it fir others”. Bottom line, this drug should be illegal, the long term effects are detrimental. My life will never be the same, I have lost the love of my life mentally, I am know raising my three week old daughter by myself, and she will never experience the kind, funny. Loving man her father was before he began taking this substance.


  • 11

    The only complaint I have about Red Dawn (the drink) is the price. I can deal with the taste, it doesn’t bother me anymore, but the price is outrageous! Question, what are the two undisclosed ingredients mentioned above? And why are there bath salts and other shady products with the same name of RedxDawn?


  • 12

    Kayla, the same thing happened to me. I took one red x dawn factor pill,was in a coma,on the coma GVS scale I was a 3 which is fatal. $2500 of toxicology tests showed nothing. The Dr’s had no idea what happened or how I lived. This happened in June 2011. This pill should be illegal. And people like Sean, who think they are drug experts because they have been addicts their whole life needs to think about the fact that everyone is different and everyones bodies react differently!!!!


  • 13

    felt great off both the vector two pack pills and sleepwalker. i did them at different times and the worst side affect for me was just some slight nausua which resided as i began to feel them.


  • 14

    My boyfriend drank the whole damn bottle like an idiot & can’t quit puking, what am I supposed to do!????? I had no idea he even bought the shit!!!


  • 15

    This product will be taken off the market very soon they already stop making the 8oz and 16oz supplement sites are only selling 4oz only.One government agency found two ingridents that are banned or drug related dependency formulars.This is why its sooooo addictive and harmful like heroin the first dose its great but you will always be chasing that first high thats what the company counts on to keep you hooked and buying more!!


  • 16

    I called one of the 3 supplement sites i buy from and only one one was truthfull with me concerning red dawn liquild moon enhancer . First let me start by saying i spent on this year alone 3 grand in a 9 month period buying red dawn liquid after a while it stops working so you have to stop taking it for a few weeks in order to get the same high as when you first started. This is wwwwwhen the shit!!! hits the fan your withdrawls are similiar to a heroin addicts but not as sever your loss of sleep may take up to a month or more to get back to normal.I always wonder wtf in this shit but to no availe so i finally got some anserws from one of my supplements sites i ask why are there no 16 oz available on any site i go on he explain that the company red dawn was not going sell any more 16oz or the 8oz but will sell 4oz i said wtf going on with red dawn he explain that Red dawn had two ingriedents which they never put on the bottle,so i ask what ingriedents he explain if i really wanted to know call the FdA so thats when i started to put 2&2 together and figured out why was i going throug these withdrawls when i stop taking the red dawn liquid and why they are not going to manufacture and sell there top selling product anymore its a drug to which many of you don’t have a understanding or clue to the after effects of this drug there is no difference between heroin and red dawn liquid enhancer like i said at the beggining the kick in the ass is harder with heroin but a kick in the ass is still a kick in the ass no matter how sever or not. I should know i been there and back!!


  • 17
    lovin it

    I love it had no side effects, but of course I didn’t drink the whole bottle at once like some dummies!!! or could it be that they are lightweights ha ha ha !!!!!


  • 18

    I tried 2 Sleep walkers in the afternoon by recommendation andg it worked perfectly. I was more talkative, awake and generally felt better and more confident. I love this product because it was effective but also allowed me to function throughout the rest of my day.


  • 19
    Mitch tiger

    This is a great legal drug. All you people who are being negative about it have no clue what you’re talking about. My advice would be to stay away from drugs; it’s people like you that ruin the fun up for intelligent users. Dumb asses.


  • 20

    Horrible, horrible, horrible. My boyfriend and I each took one pill. We both threw up all night. I tripped for 14 hours and was sick for 36. I have experimented with different things before and have never had a bad trip, but I was begging for death.


  • 21

    I am writing this review, mainly for myself to remember to not take this drug again. I tried the vector pill twice, I split it with my boyfriend on two different occasions. The first time I blamed my side effects on the fact that I didn’t eat enough before taking it. No, it’s just a stupid drug. 500mg. proprietary blend??? It didn’t make me want to do it. It just made me awfuly nauseous with a head ache and incredibly paranoid. NOT FUN! I am someone that has experimented with many different drugs, I really feel like this drug is pointless and a waste of money and time that your just waiting for it to be over, but that’s just me.


  • 22

    Took 4 total tonight over a 10 hour span.. this is a tripping drug and causes horrible nausea that doesn’t go away.. Gets very intense at times… lasts about 5 hours per dose (2, one pack)… dilated pupils and all… dirtier form of acid but can be just as strong.

    Reaallyy surprised these fairly new chemicals and mixtures haven’t got looked at closer. If you’re willing to invest a night and said side effects, its definitely worth a try before it gets banned (maybe in a few years?)



    Could you contact me @, my name is Jason and i live in MI. There isnt hardly any info on these things on the net, how much have you taken overall? How did you find out about it? any bad side effects? please contact me so we can chat. Im finding it extremely hard to get any info on these things…thank you for your time.


  • 23

    I took one pill at 6pm. At 7:30 pm I was still waiting for something to happen, so I took the other one. It’s almost midnight and still nothing. If I weren’t convinced the manufacturer was just a scammer I’d ask for my money back. That’s $30 down the toilet.


  • 24

    This product should not be on the market. This is lethal. My boyfriend and i bought it to celebrate our one year. We bought it sunday afternoon. drink it sunday night around 730. waited 3 hours. took 2 more cap fulls. Next thing i remember is waking up monday night around 11 pm in the ICU. breathing tube down my throat in my nose, neck brace, wires everywhere, catheter. I was in coma not breathing on my own for 9 hours. Respiratory failure. Doctors told me im a miracle and that i should be dead. They couldnt find one thing wrong with me and didn’t understand why it was happening. Toxicology showed up just as caffeine. I was “knocking on heavens door” said my doctor. I want this product off the market. no parent, boyfriend, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends should EVER have to go through the pain and heartache my family went through this past week. I am a healthy 21 year old woman. Why would i have respiratory failure? RED X DAWN.



    How much did you drink the first time? Do you think you took too much or just that you took it at all?



    ummm. I’m sorry Kayla, not to be obnoxious, but if u ended up in a coma, but felt NOTHING, either one: u took more than what u say u did. Two, u drank on them. three, you’re lying or four u may have neglected to read the label and perhaps are on meds that is dangerous to combine with. caffiene alone as a non-herbal ingredient would have had your heart racing and trust me, u would have noticed it. I can almost guarantee u took too much too soon for a first time. that’s like droppin 5 e bombs when u’ve never taken them. They’re actually quite nice if u just take ONE capsule. nothin crazy intense unless u ignore warnings and eat 4 in 10 hours. this is what frustrates me about people using mind altering substances. they take them irresponsibly, almost kill themselves and then blame the drugs and become an advocate for banning them. I’d actually put money down that ur saying that u only took what u did but took way more but don’t want to admit it. I’d LOVE to see that hospital report. Anyway, this drug is meant to be mild, chill and not overwhelming. but now ya got you tube videos of kids drinking full bottles and then more and turning into a laughing, mindless idiot. which, hey, go for yours. just don’t blame the company when ur eating thru a feeding tube. PLAY RESPONSIBLY PEOPLE.



    Sean, who are you to determine if someone took to much? Everyone is different and their bodies all respond differently. Its people like you that think just because they taken drugs their whole life they are an expert of dosage etc!!



    Uh…Jamie, she ended up in the ICU in a coma. I think all medical doctors would agree with Sean on that


    OK ROB, wish you the best since you to are an expert on non FDA approved drugs.

    Your mom

    Your an idiot. Why would you take that much. Why don’t you shoot 6 s of heroin next and post how that feels, idiot!



    Thanks for sharing Kayla. Your honesty is appreciated. Dont worry about the druggie hecklers. They obviously know it all right? Must work for Red Dawn or have stock in it, huh? My research shows many complaints of serious side effects (yes respritory failure is one of them), and many other warnings against these items, with only a few people supporting it. I did try it once myself, and conclude that it’s some expensive garbage. I can make myself sick on too much caffeine from coffee, and I know whats in that! Until it’s from my Doctor or FDA giving a stamp of approval-count me OUT. Thx again, I found your posting the most helpful.