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Some energy drinks and weight loss products have a unique ingredient or technology that makes them stand out. Typically this characteristic is advertised with the product. On the other hand, this does not mean the special ingredient or technology actually works as described. We are now going to take a closer look at RevHoney Energy Extreme, which is an energy-boosting supplement that may also assist with weight loss. As you may have guessed, its special ingredient is honey. As for the price of this beverage, you can find it on Amazon for $17.85 per eight-pack. RevHoney Energy also makes a gel product.


  • Raw Honey
  • Green Tea Extract
  • B Vitamins
  • Natural Flavors

Product Features

RevHoney Energy Extreme is available in extreme citrus and berry rain flavors. A single can is 16 ounces, like many other energy drinks on the market, and this beverage is supposed to help boost your energy levels, fuel your body, and even help you with your weight loss goals. It is manufactured in Kansas. Unlike other energy drinks, the ingredients used in RevHoney Energy Extreme are all natural. There are a few customer reviews posted online for this beverage, but some of them are not encouraging.

Instead of high levels of caffeine, RevHoney Energy Extreme relies on Raw Honey for energy. According to this company, natural honey is a better source of energy, and it works more naturally than stimulants like caffeine and Guarana Extract. Green Tea Extract is also used in this beverage, and it is a source of caffeine. Therefore RevHoney Energy Extreme is not caffeine-free. The Green Tea is added to boost metabolic rates, and help you burn off more calories. B Vitamins are also found in this energy drink, and should help elevate endurance levels.

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  • This energy drink contains raw honey, which is totally natural.
  • This beverage contains Green Tea to help with weight loss.


  • The official website was not functioning at the time of this review.
  • Some customers complained that this beverage does not boost energy levels.
  • RevHoney Energy Extreme is not sold in common stores.


If you are searching for an alternative energy drink that may help with weight loss, then RevHoney Energy Extreme is one option. Just remember that this beverage is not caffeine-free, since it does contain Green Tea Extract. The actual amount of caffeine used in this energy drink is not disclosed. According to some customer reviews, this product does not heighten energy levels and endurance like it is claimed to. However, the Green Tea in RevHoney Energy Extreme should help boost your body’s metabolism, and this should help you burn off more calories.

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