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Serotonin-Plus is a weight loss program out of Virginia offered for local dieters and dieters who live outside of the state. The program is comprised of 12 weeks of weight loss instruction. The headquarters for the company is located in Virginia, but centers can be found in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Florida, Maryland and Alabama. Testimonials are available on the website from dieters who have lost weight on the Serotonin-Plus program. There is also a video presentation on the weight loss benefits of oral serotonin. Complete details and contact information can be found on the official Serotonin-Plus website.

List of Ingredients

12 week weight loss program including oral serotonin supplementation.

Product Features

Serotonin is a natural chemical found in the brain and intestinal system in humans. The neurotransmitter performs many functions in the body, but in terms of weight loss, experts believe supplementation can help reduce hunger, carbohydrate cravings and depression. Prescription depression medications are often prescribed by doctors as weight loss drugs.

According to Dr. Robert Posner, when the body is deficient in serotonin, the brain sends out a signal for more. Naturally, the body will try to fulfill the brain’s request with food and thus hunger increases and cravings begin. With proper supplementation, the signal for more serotonin will never be sent out and thus hunger is not a problem.

Serotonin-Plus is available for both men and women though research suggests that women tend to be more likely to suffer from serotonin deficiency than men. Testimonials on the website include both men and women, but some of the pictures are grainy with after pictures appearing to include a younger version of the dieter than before pictures.

The Serotonin-Plus supplement is available for sale on the official website. There is no indication that a dieter must sign up for the official 12 week weight loss program in order to take advantage of the supplement. The supplement is priced $36.95 for 120 capsules. Protein bars are also available for sale, as well as high protein shakes. This could mean the Serotonin-Plus program is based on high protein, or an Atkins like approach to weight loss.

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  • Complete Serotonin-Plus program details are found online.
  • Supplements can be purchased from the official website.


  • Serotonin-Plus may not increase weight loss.
  • Not all dieters will be deficient in serotonin.
  • The in house clinical program could be very expensive.
  • There is no information about following the program from out of state.


Serotonin-Plus is a physician guided weight loss program with high protein meal replacements. The weight loss claimed by dieters may have nothing to be with serotonin supplementation and everything to do with increasing lean protein in the diet. Before and after photos leave us skeptical about the results.

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    London Jones

    I completed my own research on diet program and selected Dr. Posner Serotonin Plus plan. It was the BEST DECISION I’VE MADE in a long time. I feel good, I am healthy, and I have lost 36 pounds so far. According to my FULL BODY SCAN results, 100% of the weight (mass) lost is from fat. I still have 3 full weeks to go and I am very pleased with the results. You meet with him once a week to discuss your progress and what you are eating. If you send him your meal list for the week, he will give advice for change if needed. He also has a forum to share your recipes that work well on the program. Dr. Posner’s plan is forever. Once I complete my 12 weeks, I’ll see him at his office once a month to get my weight recorded. He also has two personal trainers on his staff that facilitates free classes on Saturdays and Sundays. I go to two classes a week and the workouts are tuff but fun. I enjoy meeting the other clients as well. I will join his “A New You” model runway show next year. All patients are welcome to join. A company donate the cloths for you to strut your stuff down the runway show. I attended a show recently but didn’t model in it (too new to the program at the time). There were several Big Wigs of government, the military and the media at the show. More importantly, my boss’s (the president of our company) wife was IN the show. She looked fantastic. She used to be soooo fat and mean. She recognized me and came over to hang out with me. I was shocked. My boss was there as well. Now I am able to leave work for an hour once a week to fulfill my weekly appointments without using vacation or personal time. Four other employees have now joined the program. The appointments just take about 5 minutes but is a long drive from my office. We are working with our HR manager to create a program for employees to afford Dr. Posner’s program. So far we will propose that the company reimburse employees 25% of total cost at the end of the 12 week program if they show proof of completing the program and have lost at least XX% of body weight. we will allow Dr. Posner to determine the appropriate percentage to be fair. He will look at averages and the medium results of he program for similar age groups. My boss will have to approve the proposal, but I don’t think it will be a problem. We have a great deal of hefty people in the office that complain abbot health, having to walk up stair and complaining about the snacks running out of the snack machine. I can’t wait until the next “A New You” show – I am pumped.


  • 2

    I did the 12 week program. Its a low card and low fat diet. Is it worth $1,200.00 (NO). I workout everday (burning 1400 cal. a day. I lost 15 pound. You can order the pills online. You need Serotonin Formula 2 pills after breakfast and 2 pills before dinner. Serotonin -plus Multi Vitamin at lunch. Just follow the South Beach Diet w/ less fat and you got it. Also get a scale the weights water, fat, and muscle all this for 200.00 dollars. :)



    Shelly, can you tell me which site I could order from? Thanks.


  • 3
    Kimberly Lichtenberg

    I would like to order the Seratonin supplement. How do I do this?


  • 4
    C. Worley

    I did the 12-weeks on seratonin plus, and I lost 33 pounds. It is a good program. The eating plan is basically low carb (similar to South Beach); but I believe that the supplements helped. I also did MORE exercise than the average participant, but I’m not sure I would have had the energy/motivation to do the exercise without the supplements. I think they really helped a lot. (48-year-old woman with three grown kids).
    – C.


    London Jones

    @ C. Worley – I agree with you. It is a great program. I have 3 weeks left on the program and have lost 36 pounds so far. How are you doing with your progress? Do you still go to his office to get your weight?


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