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Editor's Review: 3.3 / 5.0

What You Should Know

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Slim Again Plus is a weight loss product created by a company known as New Age Labs. New Age Labs offers various products in the weight loss and dietary supplement categories. Slim Again Plus claims to prevent fat from being absorbed by your body, which is an interesting contrast compared many diet products that claimt to burn the fat after you already have it. Slim Again Plus’s “fat prevention” approach isn’t used very much so it may appeal to those who have already lost some weight but are looking to keep it off.

Slim Again Plus claims that it can help you burn fat in addition to just blocking it, which might make this supplement a little more effective. Slim Again Plus also claims to give you an energy boost and to help regulate your blood glucose levels, which might decrease the amount of snacking that you normally do.

List of Ingredients

Slim Again Plus contains: Calcium Pyruvate 500mg, Chitosan Plus 225mg, Trigonella Foenum 15mg, Glucomannan 10mg.

Product Features

Slim Again Plus uses calcium pyruvate as its main ingredient and this compound may give you a boost of energy while helping to burn excess fat. Chitosan is derived from the shells of crustaceans and is supposed to help your body get rid of fat that will bind to it. Chitosan is used in many different botanical products but not many for human use, and those who are allergic to shellfish or whose diet forbids it will want to avoid Slim Again Plus.

Slim Again Plus doesn’t seem to have an official website at the time of this review but it is sold on many shopping websites, and it averages between $55.00 and $70.00 for a 30-day supply. Some of the third party retailers selling Slim Again Plus may offer a money back guarantee or a package deal, but you will have to look around for these.

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  • Slim Again Plus might block fat from being absorbed into your body.


  • At this time, the official website for Slim Again Plus seems to be under maintenance or offline.
  • Contains shellfish ingredients so certain people should not take it.
  • There isn’t any conclusive proof that we could find that chitosan will work as a fat absorber.


Slim Again Plus makes a lot of claims and also includes a couple of ingredients that do back these claims up. Calcium pyruvate does seem to have fat burning and energy boosting properties, and by using this as the main ingredient in the product, users may see some results. The problem we find with Slim Again Plus is that it does contain chitosan which hasn’t technically been proven to do much at all in the human body. There are theories about it working, but no data that we know of at this time. We suggest sticking to a product that uses a well known appetite suppressant, fat burner, or both.

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