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When Ephedra was banned not too long ago, the market became saturated with replacement products that claimed to be just as effective as the potentially harmful stimulant, but without the undesired side effects. Slimbuterol is another product that fits this category. Slimbuterol claims to be a great product for those looking to lose weight quickly. This product uses synephrine instead of ephedrine but it is still a potent stimulant and an energy booster.

Slimbuterol uses all natural ingredients, and the official website claims that it can block the absorption of carbohydrates, lower your blood sugar, reduce your appetite, increase your energy level, and raise your body’s metabolism. The official Slimbuterol website is little more than a blog, but it does a good job at explaining what all of the main ingredients do and how this may benefit those trying to lose weight.

List of Ingredients

Slimbuterol contains: Gynema Sylvestre, Banaba Leaf, Synephrine, Magnesium stearate, and a gelatin capsule.

Product Features

Slimbuterol features synephrine, which is a stimulant derived from Citrus aurantium. Though not as powerful as ephedrine, synephrine could still cause some jittery feelings for those who are sensitive to caffiene. This ingredient does have mild appetite suppressing properties and will likely give users a boost of energy.

Another active ingredient in Slimbuterol, Banaba leaf, is a blood sugar regulator that may help you control your craving for carbohydrates, and Gymnema Sylvestre is very similar to Banaba leaf. The combination of these two ingredients may help you lose weight if they really perform as claimed and keep you from snacking on high-carb snacks throughout the day. There has been some research on these particular ingredients as aids for diabetics, but that research is fairly inconclusive so far.

The official Slimbuterol website sells a bottle with 60 capsules for $12.95, making it a pretty cheap product, and if you spend more than $25.00 you will get free shipping on your order.

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  • Slimbuterol is very cheap. You won’t find many diet products for $12.95.


  • The ingredients in Slimbuterol aren’t spectacular and are found in tons of similar products.
  • There are no testimonials available on the official website.
  • There are no clinical trial results relating to Slimbuterol on the official website.


Slimbuterol claims to be stimulant free, but with synephrine, many people will feel a stimulant effect of some kind. We like the fact that this product relies on all natural ingredients and is very reasonably priced but there really isn’t much to it. We would have liked to see an appetite suppressant such as Hoodia in this product to help make it more of a “complete” diet supplement. At such a low price you don’t have much to lose by trying Slimbuterol but we highly recommend sticking to something a bit more well known that uses a complete formula to burn fat and control hunger.

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