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Syndrome W was written by Hariette R. Mogul is a noted epidemiologist and endocrinologist. She founded the Columbia University Institute for Medical Research in Women, the nation’s first such establishment. She also helped to start many of the initial nationwide studies on women and weight. With her extensive background in research that focused on women’s health she has discovered the secret to Syndrome W. Women over the age of 30 often wonder why it becomes so difficult to lose weight, Mogul is ready to provide the answer.


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The book discusses a relatively new condition called Syndrome W. This condition affects women who are between the ages of 30 and 60. This is a metabolic condition that is related to the abnormal levels of insulin typically found in women of this age group. The book shows how the condition can be diagnosed and treated in order to help women lose weight and slim down. Additionally, to book offers a diet and exercise plan that includes several recipes for dieters to try.


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  • The author of the book is an acclaimed physician and researcher.
  • The book is widely available at online retailers and in select local establishments.




  • The book indicates that additional products are needed to support the program.
  • The book is intended for women and would not be helpful for male dieters.
  • Women will have to require special testing from their physician to determine if they in fact have Syndrome W.
  • Those who do not have the syndrome would benefit much less from the program.




The research completed by the author and her associates is very enlightening. It will most likely help those suffering from the specific condition she discusses in her book. Her advice may also help women who are not suffering from the syndrome to a lesser degree. However, it is not plain until one is reading the book that the syndrome may not be affecting all women who have had difficulty losing weight. Once the book has been purchased further medical tests are required for an accurate diagnosis. Once diagnosed additional medications will also be required. Unfortunately, the target demographic for this diet is quite small. Those who fall outside of the demographic will likely be disappointed in the book. For those who wish to lose weight but are unaffected by Syndrome W, it would make far more sense to seek out an alternate diet or weight loss supplement. If one decides to use a weight loss supplement it is very important to choose one that has been clinically proven to be both safe and effective. Ideally, the product would help curb appetite, burn fat, or a combination of the two.

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