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The Pink Ribbon Diet by Mary Flynn PhD RD LDN and Nancy Verde Barr is a weight loss book dedicated to helping women lose weight while reducing the risk of contracting breast cancer at the same time. Early detection of breast cancer has lowered the mortality rate of the disease, but just because women are getting treated sooner and that treatment is working better does not mean they can give up trying to live a healthier life that reduces the risk of developing breast cancer in the first place.

There are tons of diets out there that claim to reduce the risk of cancer and few are based on science. This diet is written by a doctor who is a registered dietician, which adds a bit of validity to it, but that still doesn’t mean the diet – if followed exactly – will reduce every woman’s risk of breast cancer.

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  • Book on how to lose weight and reduce your risk of breast cancer.

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Dr. Mary Flynn researched this book using women who had already been diagnosed with and treated for breast cancer. The diet is Mediterranean based with olive oils and plant-based proteins and meals. The diet is both satisfying and healthy, which is a huge concern for women trying to lose weight. The nutrients the diet focuses on are often suggested to women who want to reduce the risk of breast cancer, but the author admits the nutrients are THOUGHT to work. That is not the same as being proven to work.

Without a doubt, the Mediterranean-style weight loss plan is one of the more successful. Healthy oils and fats help reduce hunger and increase omega 3 fatty acid intake. That correlates to improved cardiovascular health, reduced inflammation and, possibly, reduced risk of certain forms of cancer. Breast cancer, however, is an estrogen-based cancer and it can still occur in women who eat a healthy, balanced diet no matter what the specific makeup of the diet.

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  • The author is a doctor who tested the diet on women with invasive breast cancer.
  • The plan may help the dieter lose weight.


  • No nutrients or diets are proven to reduce the risk of breast cancer.
  • The plan may not work for everyone.
  • This diet is based on the Mediterranean diet so it may be nothing more than a replay of other plans.


For some women losing weight is just as important as reducing the risk of breast cancer. We want women to be healthy, happy and strong, but this diet may not work for everyone. There are very few details of the diet revealed to the reader unless they choose to purchase the book.

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