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What You Should Know

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Trenadrol is marketed as a legal form of steroids for the body builder who wants to build massive muscles and increase the blood flow to the muscle. The product is distributed by Kilo Sports, who also produces Revolt muscle builder and Attack testosterone booster.

The Kilo Sports company does not have a website, even though reviews of the Trenadrol product reach as far back as 2006. The static page presented at says the company will open the website in January of 2009.


The active ingredient in Trenadrol is a hot debate among body builders. The label states the active ingredient as 17b-methoxy-trienbolone at 30 mg. Unfortunately, some body builder enthusiasts have contacted Kilo Sports only to be told the real active ingredient is Estra 4,9 ingredient.

Product Features

The Trenadrol supplement comes in capsule form. The capsules are taken 30 minutes before a workout and claim to boost blood flow to the muscle and increase muscle gains during exercise. Body builders have stated the range of usage begins at one to two capsules per day and expands over a few weeks up to five capsules per day.

Websites selling the product include dosing information for the Trenadrol supplement. The dosing information states one capsule can be taken one to three times every day. The maximum number of capsules to be taken in 24 hours is three. The Trenadrol supplement should not be taken for more than one 6 week period without a month rest between cycles. Trenadrol is not suitable for use in women, people with prostate problems and cardiovascular disease. The side effects noted include low sex drive, high sex drive, increased anger, and shrinking testicles.

The Kilo Sports company offers no online information on Trenadrol, no ingredient information on Trenadrol and no warnings for the usage of Trenadrol.

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  • Increased muscle gains.
  • Increased blood flow to muscles.


  • Lack of information on the product.
  • No testimonials provided by Kilo Sports.
  • Kilo Sports does not offer a website or contact information online.
  • Product ingredients are unknown or unverified.


The Trenadrol product is not a weight loss product. This supplement is aimed at serious bodybuilders only. The lack of information on product ingredients leaves the user taking a product with trust in a company that does not even have a website to support their product. After looking through hundreds of forum postings on Trenadrol, the product seems to produce great muscle gains, but at the risk of serious side effects. For those looking for a weight loss supplement, the Trenadrol product is not a safe choice.

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