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Bodybuilding is an art that can quickly grow into an addiction. For novice bodybuilders, it’s fun to see just how much muscle mass they can gain. The Internet has actually increased the amount of experimentation because supplements, testosterone and steroids are widely available online. Prohormones, a sometimes legal alternative to steroids, are often used to increase hormone levels, add weight, increase strength and gain muscle. Prohormones like Trenazone must be cycled with liver support. You must learn how to cycle on and off a prohormone safely in order to protect yourself from potential side effects.

List of Ingredients


  • Hydroxystradienone

Product Features

The sole active ingredient in Trenazone is a prohormone, but it is not the active ingredient that makes Trenazone unique. This prohormone is delivered in topical form. You spray the prohormone on your skin and rub in once or twice a day. Each dose delivers 75 mg of Trenazone.

We learned very little from the official website, but we were able to find a bodybuilder who logged his 30-day trial of Trenazone. During the trial the bodybuilder gained weight and strength, but there was no mention of whether or not the gains lasted beyond the cycle. The user complained of burning skin, but that only lasted a few days.

There is little doubt that Trenazone works as a prohormone and the topical application could prove easier than taking another supplement by mouth, but prohormones are not something to play with. You need to cycle the prohormone with a good post cycle therapy supplement or PCT. If you have no idea what a PCT is or how to use one – you need to learn about cycling prohormones before choosing Trenazone or any other prohormone.

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  • We found a complete 30-day cycle logged by a bodybuilder.
  • It appears Trenazone works to help increase strength and muscle size.


  • You need to understand how to cycle prohormones before using Trenazone.
  • This product is not designed for weight loss or appetite control.
  • Should not be used for more than 30 days.
  • The log we read did not mention if the gains lasted beyond the cycle.


Trenazone is a rare prohormone because it is delivered topically instead of orally. The bodybuilding review we read complained that the supplement burned the skin and that is was quite liquid and took forever to absorb. It is best to apply Trenazone well in advance of getting dressed.

As for weight loss and this product – they do not go hand in hand. Trenazone is not associated with increased calorie burn, increased fat burn or increased weight loss.

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