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There was a time when pro-hormones were legal and bodybuilders were exhibiting superhuman muscle growth. When pro-hormones were outlawed, supplements companies rushed to the drawing board in hopes of finding natural alternative that offered the same muscle growth. There are no natural pro-hormones, but there are natural aromatase-inhibitors. Aromatase inhibitors suppress the production of estrogen. Testosterone levels stay the same, but estrogen levels fall. This increases the overall concentration of testosterone or the ratio of testosterone to estrogen. The effect is similar to that of pro-hormones or testosterone boosters, but no where near as strong. Many testosterone boosters include libido enhancing herbs, but these do nothing for testosterone levels they simply boost sex drive so the bodybuilder thinks he or she is feeling the effects of more testosterone.

List of Ingredients

Chrysin, Tribulus Terrestris, Saw Palmetto Extract, Nettle Root Extract, Avena Sativa Extract, Indole-3-Carbinol, Daidzein, Hawthorn Extract, Cucurbita Pepo Extract, Alpha Lipoic Acid.

Product Features

The two main ingredients in Ultimate Nutrition Testostrogrow are Chrysin and Tribulus Terrestris. Chrysin is an aromatase-inhibitor. This ingredient reduces estrogen levels to make testosterone levels appear higher. Tribulus Terrestris boosts libido. With increased sex drive and a higher testosterone concentration, the effect of Ultimate Nutrition Testostrogrow is eerily similar to pro-hormones, but it is more of a smoke and mirrors effect. The bodybuilder feels like he or she has more testosterone so they work harder in the gym. The effect of Ultimate Nutrition Testostrogrow does not mimic real pro-hormones as muscle growth is not stimulated internally by higher testosterone levels.

There are clinical studies listed at the bottom of the product description for Ultimate Nutrition Testostrogrow on Bodybuilding.com. These studies support antioxidant use for overall health and aromatase inhibitors. None of the studies support increased free testosterone levels.

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  • May inhibit estrogen.
  • May give the bodybuilder the “feeling” of increased testosterone.


  • Pro-hormones are no longer legal.
  • Will not increase free testosterone.
  • Should not be taken by women as it inhibits estrogen.


Ultimate Nutrition Testostrogrow and the hundreds of other testosterone boosting supplements on the market are all about magic. They make the bodybuilder feel like testosterone levels are rising with increased sex drive, but they have no testosterone boosting effects. Pro-hormones and authentic testosterone boosters are not legal in organized competitions, especially bodybuilding competitions, so this is the closest thing a bodybuilder will get to a testosterone booster.

Dieters will gain no benefit from Ultimate Nutrition Testostrogrow. It does not promote weight loss or decrease appetite. There are no clinical studies supporting testosterone boosting claims, but some online supplement companies do try to support the claims with studies irrelevant to testosterone.

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