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Vibro-belt is an abdominal stimulatation device that boasts the use of high-performance oscillation to improve toning. Similar to other products of this nature, Vibro-belt relies on heat and vibration to elicit muscle contraction. The product advertises the stimulation of core muscles works the upper and lower abs plus the oblique areas. Additionally, the unit applies to shoulders, thighs, calves and gluts. The manufacturer claims the system aides in digestion and blood circulation. The massage effect allows the user to relax while toning.


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Product Features

Vibro-Belt comes with five management levels set via a remote unit. Control allows the user to adjust speed and direction of the oscillating massage. Vibro-Belt provides stimulation to abdominal muscles during periods of relaxation. The heating mechanism warms from 87 degrees to 107 degrees. Temperature adjusts via the power control unit. The massage setting works in both clockwise and counter clockwise motion. Advertisement for this product claims users can operate up to 50 different exercises with the belt. Unlike other band stimulation devices, the Vibro-Belt does not use electric current for muscle contraction eliminating the need for a conductive gel. Pricing is $99.00 plus shipping. Those seeking an installment method can buy the Vibro-Belt in four payments of $29.99 plus shipping and evaluation fee. For trial orders, returns are accepted within 30-days. Included with each purchase are the belt, AC adaptor, control, manual, nutritional guide, and “Walk it Off” CD.

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  • F.D.A. supports Vibro-Belt for toning and muscle stimulation.
  • Wide distribution channels for this product include key chains store, such as Target.
  • Unit uses an AC adapter and does not depend on battery power improving cost efficiency.
  • Multiple control settings allow users to make adjustments to heat, speed and rotation.


  • This product may provide some toning properties, but most people will need traditional exercise and proper diet for effective weight loss.


By all user accounts, Vibro-belt does exactly what it says it will. It stimulates muscles through heat and osculation. There is some evidence to support the claim that belts of this nature provide toning. The technology would suggest it increases blood circulation to the stimulated regions. Essentially, Vibro-belt is a massager. This does not mean that is promotes weight loss, however. Use of a VIbro-belt will probably not be enough to shed pounds. Weight loss happens when the body burns more calories than ingested. There is no evidence to suggest that Vibro-belt promotes calorie burn. It simply stimulates muscles the way a pleasant massage would. The increase in intensity and circulation is likely to aid in digestion and relaxation. The F.D.A. offers limited acceptance of this product. They do not report it as a diet aid, but merely a stimulation device that helps with toning. For the price of one unit, the savvy dieter could purchase effective cardio sports equipment and burn calories.

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11 User Reviews about Vibro-Belt

  • 1

    If i buy it and it doesnt work can i bring it back? and have my money


  • 2

    How much does vibrobelt cost?


  • 3

    what energy is used, the battery or…?


  • 4

    Can I use the vibro belt if I have had a c-section?






    yes, it might even help with breaking down the scar tissue that can leave that thick hard feeling when your touch it.


  • 5
    Denise Weddell

    Dose the belt stay on for half hr or more??? i know that the program has 5,8,10,and 12 mins was wondering if it stops on longer as i cannot get the belt to heat up. PLEASE HELP…

    yours Denise.


  • 6

    hi…please i wont to know if there is anyn sideeffect on using vibrobelt .i developed backe pain and i wont to know if related to it or if the vibrating movment effect the spinal cord
    thanking you



    Please advise me on the side effects or if it affects your health in the long run. Thnx


  • 7
    paula baker

    i have ac adapter and somthing is missing i cant plug in socket i need to order the part



    having same problem what do you need to plug it to the adapter.