Vitamin Shoppe Green Tea Extract Review

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Vitamin Shoppe Green Tea Extract contains 470 mg of green tea. About one half of that is standardized for EGCG and polyphenols. The other half is straight green tea. Green tea is considered one of the best weight loss ingredients for a supplement company to include in any formula. There are, however, experts that debate the effectiveness of the supplements. One expert article claims there are no weight loss benefits and another lists clinical studies proven the opposite. The interesting thing about these differing views is the fact that they are both published by government websites in the United States. Clinical studies do prove green tea, in the right amounts, offers a long list of health benefits, including a boost to metabolism.

List of Ingredients

Green Tea Extract and Green Tea Leaf.

Product Features

Vitamin Shoppe Green Tea Extract does everything right, except for the standardization for EGCG. In clinical studies, amounts up to 1,600 mg of EGCG have been tested with no negative side effects. Green tea standardized to 95-percent EGCG is not unheard of, but Vitamin Shoppe standardizes to 30-percent. When green tea is standardized to 95-percent EGCG, the dieter is getting all the proven effects of the catechin without the effects of caffeine. EGCG does not need caffeine to boost metabolism and weight loss.

There is likely some caffeine in this supplement, but the manufacturer does not bother to list the amount on the label. As is the case with any supplement containing caffeine, the dieter should start out with a small dose and add more as the body tolerates. Caffeine in high doses can cause negative side effects like nausea and vomiting. Jitters are another common side effect.

Vitamin Shoppe Green Tea Extract sells for $33.49 per 300 capsules. The suggested dose is one capsule. The dieter could take more than that to up the total EGCG intake, but the caffeine in green tea could cause side effects at higher doses.

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  • Green tea and EGCG are proven to increase metabolism.
  • The ingredient list offers total amounts for all ingredients.
  • Most dieters can safely take green tea without negative side effects.


  • There is not enough EGCG in the supplement to be effective.
  • The dieter may suffer negative side effects from caffeine content not listed.


Taking green tea is a great start for weight loss. Dieters need an appetite suppressant as well and this supplement does not include an appetite suppressant. Green tea is commonly included in proven weight loss supplements with appetite suppressants to block hunger and help the dieter achieve weight loss. The price for this supplement is a bit higher than other straight green tea supplements.

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