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Wingry is a unique energy supplement that appears on several websites throughout the web, but we could not find the supplement for direct sale through any website. There are a few ingredients listed, but we are not sure the listed ingredients make up the entire ingredient list. From what we can tell, the supplement is comprised of caffeine with a few amino acids. There is nothing special about this supplement that will ensure increased weight loss or appetite suppression. The amount of caffeine in the supplement is not listed so we urge dieters to be cautious when selecting Wingry as it could cause negative side effects.

List of Ingredients


  • Riboflavin
  • Vitamin B12
  • Niacin
  • Amino Acids
  • Caffeine

Product Features

When a product suddenly appears on the Internet without a dedicated website, we throw up the red flag. Dieters often look for a new and exciting supplement they’ve never tried only to find a supplement that supplies poor ingredients are no proven effects on weight loss. This is the case for Wingry. The supplement is marketed throughout the web, but there is no website or company taking claim for the supplement. The ingredient list is minimal and there is mention of a proprietary blend that could contain more ingredients.

Caffeine is proven to boost metabolism, but we have no idea how much caffeine is included in the supplement. It could be a small amount like 50 to 75 mg or a huge amount of 300 mg or more. Smaller amounts of caffeine will boost metabolism without the dieter feeling jitters and negative side effects associated with an overdose of caffeine. Huge doses of caffeine come with a long list of potential side effects with no additional benefits for weight loss.

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  • Contains caffeine, which will increase heart rate and metabolism.
  • Will likely increase energy.


  • No official website is available for Wingry.
  • The supplement may not currently be for sale.
  • No amounts are listed on the ingredient list.
  • The amino acids are not named.
  • The dieter may experience negative side effects.


Wingry is a supplement we suggest dieters skip. The lack of information means the dieter would be choosing this supplement on faith and there is no company associated with the product so faith is something that has not been earned. If a dieter wants to take a product with caffeine to lose weight, there are proven weight loss supplements that contain caffeine as one of the ingredients along with chromium, green tea and other proven ingredients.

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