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Xenical is a prescription only weight loss drug that can only be administered by your doctor or other healthcare professional and is made by the company Roche. It is generally used for people that are considered massively overweight and is a great way for those who are struggling to lose weight battle the bulge and keep it off.

Xenical is used for those who have a Body Mass Index or BMI or over 30 and by those who are overweight with other conditions, such as heart problems, high blood pressure and diabetes. The way in which Xenical works is by blocking up to a third of the fat hidden within the food that is ingested. By the body being unable to absorb this fat when taking Xenical, the fat excess is dispelled from the body by way of bowel movements. Clinical studies prove this product works.



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Being prescribed by a doctor and doing rather well in clinical studies, the person using Xenical can have some sort of confidence this product will work. It does have some rather nasty side effects, however, and these include headaches and abdominal pain that may be accompanied by flatulence and trapped wind, low blood sugar levels, diarrhea and anxiety.

You must be above a certain weight in order to be prescribed this weight loss aid. Taking it while you are not overweight can have some rather dangerous consequences. Xenical may hinder the process of some nutrients being absorbed into the body and it is advisable to take some sort of daily multivitamin alongside this weight loss aid. Due to the nature of Xenical, it is vitally essential that you approach the correct channels in acquiring Xenical. A consultation with a doctor or other healthcare professional is a must.

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  • This product has been clinically studied and seems to produce results.
  • If you are significantly overweight, this product may help you lose weight quickly.


  • A prescription is required for Xenical.
  • This product is only intended for those who are severely overweight.
  • By blocking fat absorption, this product may give you diarrhea quite often.


Xenical is not a diet product intended for the casual user. This product is only for those who are significantly overweight and may be suffering from weight related problems. If you think you meet the criteria for this product, talk to your doctor or another healthcare professional. If you are a casual dieter, you might want to look around for a product that contains a powerful thermogenic compound that will help you lose weight all day long.

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