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Magna Pharmaceuticals formulates Z Slim Carb Cutter. The supplement claims to stop carbohydrates from metabolizing in the body while increasing fat burn. There are hundreds of weight loss supplements that make these same claims and none of them is proven to work as claimed. Most carb cutting supplements will contain bean extract to block carbs and Z Slim follows that same model.

List of Ingredients

Phaseolus Vulgaris and Green Tea Extract.

Product Features

If there is one carb blocker with white kidney bean extract there are a hundred. Supplements like Z Slim claim white kidney bean or Phaseolus Vulgaris, will block carbohydrates from being digested and absorbed into the blood stream. This “blocking” prevents carbohydrates from supplying energy and thus fat is used for the prime energy source. It takes more calories to convert fat to energy and weight loss occurs. This is the same effect of a low carbohydrate diet. If white kidney bean extract worked in this way, everyone would be an ideal weight, but white kidney bean does not achieve carbohydrate blocking.

The energy support in Z Slim is provided by Green Tea Extract. Green tea contains caffeine and with 400 mg of extract in Z Slim, the dieter could feel a bit of an energy bump after taking the supplement. The 400 mg is also perfect for weight loss benefits that are proven to be associated with taking green tea extract. Unfortunately, green tea extract can be taken without the white kidney bean extract and the dieter could benefit from the same positive effects on weight loss.

Z Slim sells for $12.95 on the official website. The price is lower than other weight loss supplements because there is nothing to the formula. Proven fat burners will increase metabolism, decrease hunger and support healthy weight loss. Z Slim hits one of the three main points of successful weight loss.

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  • Ingredients were found online.
  • Magna Pharmaceuticals has an official website.
  • Z Slim is sold online.


  • Z Slim is a carb blocker.
  • Carb blockers will not block carbohydrate absorption.
  • The official website does not include a free trial or return information.


With the advent and popularity of low carbohydrate diets, supplement companies produced carb blockers. These supplements were supposed to work with the dieter to prevent the absorption of carbohydrates eaten while on lower carb diets. On some level, the high fiber amounts in beans will slow the digestive process, but blocking carbohydrates is impossible. Dieters will not see the weight loss benefits claimed by the company even though green tea is a strong ingredient. Consumers may find more success choosing a proven weight loss supplement or a simple green tea product to take instead of Z Slim.

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