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18 Pounds in 4 Days Slimin4 is a weight loss plan created by a private citizen named James Zeta. Like others, he was attempting to lose weight and claims to have come across a little-known method of losing a lot of weight quickly. As the name suggests, it’s supposed to be able to help you shed 18 pounds in 4 days. Frankly, we find this very hard to believe. Even if it is true, it’s not at all healthy to experience such a rapid change. The program is in two parts – a diet and a maintenance plan.

List of Ingredients

There are no specifics of Mr. Zeta’s diet plan. All he says is that he uses everyday foods like beef, chicken, and fruits/vegetables to lose weight. We don’t see exactly what benefit this has. Also, he claims that no exercising is required. This raises a red flag because weight loss requires exercise no matter what. The plan claims to achieve its goal through normal combinations of food. We feel that thermogenics are one of the most important types of substances to include when designing a weight loss product. This is what enables the body to burn fat more quickly. This product sounds too good to be true.

Product Features

Mr. Zeta created a website for his diet plan and includes an option to buy it via Paypal. There are a few testimonies online but from what we were able to see they aren’t really that helpful and only include the user’s first name and country of birth. It’s claimed that the diet plan will enable people to lose weight by just eating ordinarily. People wanting to know more have the option of emailing Mr. Zeta, and can expect a response in a day, according to the site.

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  • There is a clear warning about what foods could potentially cause allergies, such as tomatoes, eggs, or grapefruit. If those are allergens.


  • The website as a whole looks like a standard affiliate marketing page, which is highly unprofessional.
  • The diet plan makes unrealistic promises and doesn’t stress any form of exercise.
  • Email is the only way to contact Mr. Zeta. This can be unreliable and is only a short-term means of communication.
  • Based on what we saw we have to say this product seems overpriced at $27.


We believe that anyone advertising a weight loss product should take into account the basics of dieting; in order to lose weight you have to use more calories than you eat. It’s simply impossible to lose weight without exercising and if you do isn’t going to be long-term weight loss or healthy. Losing 18 pounds in less than a week can cause serious risks. We must advise against a product that makes such a hard-to-believe and dangerous claim.

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  • 1

    I have done the diet a few times and it DOES work. In the diet plan he does recommend exercise for the plan, but the results will vary if you do not. If followed to the letter it works. I lost 20lbs the first time I did it.Sometimes we go off track with how we should eat and this diet gets you back eating right. The plan also gives you pointers and teaches you how to keep the weight off. OH and there is NO CABBAGE IN THIS DIET for crying out loud!


  • 2



  • 3

    it works


  • 4

    i need to lose 5000000000000000000 pounds


  • 5

    Girl me to except I am 19. I hate being like this. I have been trying all this stuff. Although I am going to try this Cabbage soup diet. If you have found anything that is helping you let me know!!


  • 6
    Muriel Edwards

    I definitely believe weight can be lost through manipulation of food categories. I have lost weigh consistently in the past using the soup diet. It is not all soup but combines the soup with vegetables, fruit and proteins etc. I altered this diet to suit my likes and dislikes and I still lost weight without exercising (no exercise acct back problems)The most weight I lost in one 7 day period was 8 lbs. On for 7 days off for 7 days..lost 12 lbs one month..no pills..no exercise..lots of energy


  • 7

    Is there any way someone could also email me a copy of this diet i cant seem to find it anywhere! thanks in advance!!!!



  • 8

    I need motivation! 18 lbs in 4 days might just be what I need. Please email details.


  • 9

    I am 18 years old 240 pounds an miserable. The 18 in 4 sounds amazing but I’m afraid to try it. I’ve tried so many things to loose this weight which seems to be dead ! :( I have no motivation since all I do is work and got to school. I have been invited to attend prom this year which is fast approaching an I was wondering could someone , anyone please email me the 18 in 4 diet plan it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance , Leidra


  • 10

    HI.. Anna,
    I am trying to lose 15lbs in a healthy way. if anyone has ideas or plans. i would love to have some help.

    Thanks Toni


  • 11

    I too am trying to drop at least 20 pounds. Can you please let me knw about your weight loss success? Thanks:)


  • 12

    At 144 lbs and Thanksgiving coming up I tried the 18 in 4 diet—in 4 days I lost 6 lbs–even if it is water weight I thinks is a great jump start–I’ll start again after Thanksgiving


  • 13

    Hi guys, I just came across this thrad after searching for the 18 lbs in 4 days diet! I have a hen night coming up and have been desperately trying to lose weight, needless to say it hasn’t worked : ( I wonder if It’s not too cheeky of me to ask, if somebody woul be able to email me the diet pln if they have it, and don’t mind? This would be much appreciated. I can’t download it from the website as I am waiting for my new card from the bank to use paypal… but running out of time to get rid of my spare tyre ha ha. Thanks : )


  • 14

    do your food have to be baked


  • 15

    i was wandering if you would be able to send me by email the 18in4 diet to give it a trial run myself as i have tried loads of diets and none has seemed to work and this one really seems to good to be true to be honest xx


  • 16

    can you send me what you have to do to lose this weight xxx


  • 17

    I stumbled across this diet a few days ago. Since I am going on vacation want to drop a few pounds, I thought why not? There aren’t any pills, shakes, or “diet” foods. The diet uses only foods in basically their whole form, so nothing is altered. I’ve been on every diet possible and although it didn’t logically seem possible, I can tell you that after two days I have dropped six pounds. Some will claim it’s “water weight” but I don’t care!

    In the past three months, prior to this diet, I lost about 12 lbs through simple diet changes and exercise. But, my weight loss came to a halt two weeks ago and I was becoming frustrated.

    I haven’t found this diet particularly difficult to maintain. It’s only four days, after all. The portions seemed little small, but I found that I didn’t really need more than that.

    I don’t think this diet is a long term solution. However, for me, it has helped restart my weight loss and I am thrilled.


  • 18

    Hi, I’m starting the 18 pounds in 4 days diet tomorrow, I’ll keep you updated on any results! wish me luckx


    Julie Webb

    Hi Alexandra, I saw your post saying you were starting the 18 in 4 diet, how did you get on? Is there any chance you could email me the diet so I could try it? I am 40 on 31.12 and am desperately trying to lose my excess baby weight which ive carried for 2 years now. Please help. Julie xx


  • 19

    Can u please tell me how you lost 18lbs in 4days? I really would like to know thanks


  • 20

    This diet was a crock. I followed it exactly like I was suposed to. Ate food I thought was disgusting (I hate squash and tomoato) by the end of the 4th day I was very weak and shakey and I had only lost 3 pounds. Not worth it at all.



    Hey if nothing has worked for u still u should start a low carb diet i lost twelve lbs in the first two weeks drink lots of water and dont eat more than 30 carbs a day for the first two weeks after that done eat more than 120 carbs a day and walk for at least 30 minutes a day 3 times a week if u have time its working for me hopefully it will work for u too, bye


  • 21

    how do i lose 14 pounds in 4 days


  • 22
    faith richards

    I would like to loose 18 pounds, but NOT in four days. maybe a month. please tell me where I can find this prodct, because I am out of options.


    Anna Van Hofwegen

    Hi Faith, I am on a weight loss program and have lost 41 pounds. It is a healthy and nutritional program. I have a lot of energy and am not hungry all the time. If you are interested please email me and I will send you the info. Thanks, Anna


    Susan Warner

    Hi Anna, Would you be kind enough to send me the details of the weight loss plan please? Regards Susan



    i too, would love to have your weight loss plan, pease answer. thanks in advance



    I too, please let me know .. I am desperate



    Hi Anna,

    I have been trying to lose 15-20 lbs. for the past couple of years, have tried many different diets, exercise and the scale doesn’t budge, if you have a weight loss plan you would like to share with me, I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you!



    Hi, came across your comment and if you could send me your diet plan please.I have tried everything and nothing is working. Thanks



    Hello Anna, I have been trying to lose about 20lbs to get back to a healthy weight and it has been difficult. If you can share your secret with me I would be really greatful. Thanks



    hi anna

    i can across your comment and i would greatly appreciate if you gave me the diet plan



    Please please send me the details as well. Thank you kindly



    I’m only 18 and I weigh 226 pounds I don’t want to be this way at all. I wanna feel healthy and look in the mirror and say “I look damn good.” Is there anyway you can help me?



    Hi!!…I’m curious to know about your wieght loss program…i’ve gain a lot of weight in the past two years and i hate what it’s done to my body…strech marks have been appearing and i can’t fit anything anymore…i’m tried of this and wanna get back to the healthy me. Please email as soon as possible.


    Megan Hissong

    can you please email the packet that he gave to you for the 18n4 diet. I would even be willing to send you money via paypal
    P.S. if you could send it today that would great because i would like to start tomorrow if possible



    Can you send me the 18n4 diet? did you try it? how did you do?


    Did you try the diet? Did it work? I love a copy.


    Please email me on how you lose that much.



    hi anna i would be really greatful if you could email me thsi infromation to help me lose weight as i want to lose 2 stones and fast thanks



    I have read your comments on your diet could you please send me a copy of your diet.. I use to use Atkin’s and would drop weight so quick now that I am 39, even though i am on low carbs its taking forever to dropp of the excess pounds. thanks for your help.



    please email me on how I can loose pounds, thank you.



    Anna-Could you send it to me as well?

    THank you.



    May I have a copy of the diet that has been so successful for you for you please. By the way congratulations on your weight loss.




    In response to your offer2/25/10) to share weight loss program. I would love to have it. Thank you, Jan



    Hi Anna,
    I have been on a diet for several months and lost 20 pounds. The last 2 weeks I have not lost any weight and would like to have a copy of this diet to boost or restart my weight loss.


    D. Cross

    I really think this interesting, can I get a copy.


    N. Collier

    Hi Anna,
    I don’t know if you will get this as this thread is very old. But I would be interested in the weight loss plan you used and referred to here.




    I am to that point where nothing seems to be working, could you send me the information as well.




    Dear Anna,
    I am getting married on July 7,20ll. I have already lost 63 pounds over the course of a year and a half. I have laxed here and there; but now I am in Desperate Mood since I only have 10 weeks until my Wedding and a goal of 37 more pounds to lose until my wedding day! Help! Is their a realistic Diet plan that is Healthy and I can lose at least 5 pounds or more per week until the week before my wedding and not have to pay an arm and a leg for it? and also break me from my Budget for my wedding.Any help that I can get from you would be Simply Amazing:) Thank You so much ahead of time.Marisol



    I have had this plan for almost two years now and it really does work kinda. The reason it tells you not to work out is because you are going to be weak. You can do a lite job or a walk but nothing too difficult like Insanity, CrossFit or P90X type stuff. I did not loose 18 pounds but I did loose 10. It all really depends on if you follow it to a tee and your body makeup composition. To let you know I am a female weighing 155 pounds,5″0 just so you can get an idea of where you may stand. Hope this helps.. I also am a fitness coach so If you need more tips on a healthier way to loose and keep the weight off please let me know.