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In a world where more and more people suffer the negative health effects of being overweight every year, the fitness market constantly reinvents the wheel in an attempt to lure in the dieter. One of the most overinflated markets is the abdominal fitness machine market. There are no less than 100 abdominal machines available at any given time and all promise six-pack abs and a reduction in waist size. However, these claims are based on nothing more than a marketing scheme. Losing weight requires working larger muscles groups and the heart through cardiovascular exercise. No 4-minute-a-day program on an abdominal machine is going to boost metabolism enough to increase weight loss. The Ab Shaper is one of the many “as seen on TV” making the same claims.

List of Ingredients

Abdominal machine with a leg rest.

Product Features

There is one unique aspect about the Ab Shaper than other abdominal machines do not include a leg rest. The leg rest is used to target certain abdominal muscles during the crunch movement. While the leg rest is a positive addition for an in-shape person trying to increase abdominal muscle size and tone the midsection, it does nothing for the dieter trying to lose weight.

While the Ab Shaper gets extra points for the leg rest, it gets points dedicated for the position users must attain in order to use the machine. According to a graphic included on one website, the user must lay down on the floor with the seat mat under the back. Essentially, the dieter must sit in the seat and scoot down until the butt nearly reaches the bar for the leg rest. From there, the shoulders and neck are supported with the back rest. Handles allow the user to pull forward to perform the crunch movement. The leg rest can use used to target different muscles, but it is not necessary to for every exercise. Once exercises are complete, the dieter must wiggle bag to a sitting position before getting up from the floor.

The Ab Shaper sells for around $80, the average going price for an abdominal machine. This price is too high because most dieters will never use the machine once they figure out how difficult it is to assume the proper crunch position.

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  • Information on the Ab Shaper is easy to find online.
  • The product is priced the same as other abdominal machines.
  • May help target abdominal muscles.


  • Will not increase weight loss or metabolism.
  • Difficult to use.
  • May be difficult to find for purchase online.


The Ab Shaper looks a little different than other abdominal machines, but it is the same old song and dance. The average dieter does not need to worry about abdominal definition until they have reached their goal weight. While abdominal strength is important to core strength and back pain prevention, this machine may cause more harm than good.

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