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The acai rage began in 2008. The acai berry was hailed as the newest super food with the power to boost metabolism and facilitate weight loss. Acai Berry Burn is a diet supplement that claims to increase weight loss by up to 4-5 times. The product claims to burn belly fat by boosting your energy and heightening your metabolism.

Sold by Bath House Naturals, Acai Berry Burn is usually sold along with Acai Cleanse. The same company has a wide range of other, similar products.

List of Ingredients

Acai Berry Burn contains acai extract, garcinia cambogia, gymnema sylvestre, chromium polynicotinate and green tea. Because of the green tea, Acai Berry Burn also contains caffeine.

Product Features

Acai Berry Burn is specifically designed to help dieters lose weight quickly.

This product contains a variety of ingredients, meaning it has a more balanced and diversified influence on metabolism than some other Acai products.

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  • At a minimum, acai berries are nutritious in a number of ways.
  • Acai Berry Burn may also help a healthy diet and exercise program be somewhat more effective–especially at the beginning.
  • At $34 for one bottle of Acai Berry Burn and one of Acai Cleanse, this is one of the cheaper Acai products on the market.
  • The advertising for the product is clear that it works only in conjunction with regular exercise and good nutrition.
  • Customer service is simple and efficient.


  • Acai Berry Burn is unproven as a dieting supplement. There is no way to verify that the product is really as beneficial as it claims.
  • Some claims are especially doubtful, such as the assertion that Acai Berry Burn can increase diet productivity by 4.5 times. As the acai craze has begun to fade, these claims have become increasingly doubted by many. Customers using Acai Berry Burn in conjunction with their diet and exercise program should not expect the results to be immediate or revolutionary.
  • Information such as detailed nutrition content is difficult to find.
  • The caffeine content poses a possible health risk for the heart and kidneys. Those who use Acai Berry Burn should be wary of any other caffeine they might take, and be sure to drink plenty of water.
  • It is hard to distinguish Acai Berry Burn from the myriad of other Acai products available.


With its competitive price and balanced array of natural supplements, Acai Berry Burn may be one of the best choices among the Acai products available. However, the health benefits of acai berries are still unproven and some of the claims for Acai Berry Burn are hard to believe. Without objective, medical support, it is hard to know if this dietary supplement measures up to its claims. Other, medically confirmed supplements such as thermogenic fat burners are probably more effective as supplements for losing weight than Acai Berry Burn.

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