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Advantra Z is a patented ingredient that is present in a number of weight loss supplements. The company that manufactures Advantra Z is Nutretech. One of the major active ingredients in Advantra Z is bitter orange extract, which is also known as Citrus Aurantium. Advantra Z can be found in weight loss products such as Miracle Burn and Nuphedrine. The manufacturers of Advantra Z say that it is the only patented thermogenic ingredient for sale today.


The ingredients in Advantra Z are: Bitter Orange Extract, Protein, Carbohydrate, Omega 3 and 6, Sodium, and Vitamin A and C.

Product Features

Advantra Z is not for sale as a stand alone supplement, so if you want to use it as part of your weight loss program you will have to buy one of the weight loss products for sale which contain this ingredient. Two such products are Miracle Burn and Ephedrine. Both of these products contain Advantra Z, as well as Hoodia Gordonni. Hoodi Gordonni is derived from a cactus that is said to have appetite suppressing qualities and can be found in the South African and Namibian deserts. There is an import ban on products containing Hoodia in Australia, so if you live in Australia you will not be able to order Hoodia-based weight loss supplements like Miracle Burn or Nuphedrine.

The manufacturers of Advantra Z say that it is a safe alternative to the now-banned Ephedrine, which was previously present in a number of thermogenic weight loss products. However, a number of dieticians have mixed feelings about Bitter Orange Extract, which is one of the major ingredients in Advantra Z. They say that the chemical components in Bitter Orange Extract, namely Synephrine and Octapamine, can lead to problems with high blood pressure and heart complications. It would seem advisable, therefore, that anyone with pre existing blood pressure or heart problems should not take Advantra Z.

There are testimonials available online for both Miracle Burn and Nuphedrine, which are both products that feature Advantra Z as a key active ingredient. Some say these products have helped them lose weight, while others say that they have had to stop taking it due to side effects such as headaches, dizziness and shakiness. Of course, it is unclear whether Advantra Z was the ingredient responsible for the negative health complications that resulted from taking these weight loss supplements.

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  • Products containing Advantra Z are available for sale on line
  • There are testimonials available written by those who have already tried various products containing Advantra Z.
  • There is an ingredient list available for Advantra Z.


  • There have been some reported side effects related to products containing Advantra Z.
  • Advantra Z cannot be purchased as a stand alone supplement.
  • Those with heart or blood pressure problems should not take products containing Advantra Z.
  • There have been no controlled standardized tests carried out that we could find focusing on products containing Advantra Z.


At the end of the day there do seem to be some safety concerns regarding Advantra Z, and therefore we would prefer not to recommend products such as Miracle Burn or Nuphedrine which contain this component. Once we have seen the results of controlled standardized tests relating to the safety and to effectiveness of Advantra Z as an ingredient, we’ll begin to consider it. Often, when a new “miracle” ingredient makes its debut in weight loss supplement formulas, we like to wait several years to see if what kind of long-term effects (positive and negative) this ingredient has.

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