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African Mango Review - Does This Ingredient Really Work?

By Summer Banks on Oct 27, 2016
African Mango Review

This week, I obsessed over every aspect of African Mango. We looked at the ingredient, clinical research, side effects, and customer service. Then, we went on to read through hundreds of user comments and reviews. We condensed and refined everything to get you the bottom line.


What is African Mango?

Firstly, African Mango is a fruit that grows natively in Africa. The extract is often used in weight-loss products, since it is supposed to help suppress the appetite and boost metabolism.

Several brands manufacture African Mango supplements. Sometimes, it’s the only ingredient in the formula, and sometimes it’s just one of many, depending on the product. We like that it is an all-natural solution, and there are many choose from, but read on…

Ineffective – “Doesn’t Really Work?”

The first thing we noticed is several customers reporting African Mango just didn’t work. “If people don’t get the results they are expecting, they’re going to be upset. They want to know what they buy works as promised,” said our Research Editor.

An aggravated customer said, I had an allergic reaction to the product after 2 days of using.”

”This did nothing to help me lose weight,” agreed another annoyed reviewer.

Not everyone felt this way, however.

We found a cheerful commenter who stated, “I felt great and lost 5 pounds in my first week.”

“I definitely noticed a change in my appetite which made it easier to eat less,” yet another had to say.

Lack of Large Scale Studies – “More Research Is Needed”

There are several small studies available to show the effectiveness of the product, but given the reports of ineffectiveness, we feel there need to be additional larger-scale research done to really provide credibility.

”So a study with 40 people over four weeks shows it works? Okay,” complained one shopper.

According to one frustrated reviewer, ”I didn’t get any results, so the studies don’t convince me.”

Still, others had only great things to say.

“This stuff has helped me break through a plateau,” said a satisfied reviewer.

“I lost weight without side effects,” noted another.

Over the years, we’ve discovered that it takes just one small thing, like lack of results, to ruin any chance of lasting results. If African Mango is not an effective ingredient, it’s useless in a product.

The Science – “So-So”

There are a handful of small studies that show African Mango helps people lose more weight than diet and exercise alone. However, because of the size and credibility of these, we’d like to see more concrete evidence from better sources.

At DietSpotlight, we want to see science before we can recommend any product, but we want it from reliable sources, proving both safety and effectiveness. Otherwise, we see red flags.

The Bottom Line – Does African Mango Work?

Should I race out for a bottle of African Mango? Since there are reports of ineffectiveness and the science behind it isn’t highly reliable, we’re skeptical about making a recommendation. There are other products on the market that could work better.

If you’re ready to lose weight, we suggest using a supplement with clinically tested ingredients known to support a healthy metabolism. It should be free of harmful side effects, and come with science from reliable sources.

Among the best products we’ve seen in 2016 is one called Leptigen. It’s made with a blend of four key ingredients all shown in clinical studies to help promote a healthy metabolism, reduce hunger and boost fat loss. Our analysis of customer feedback from all over the web found no mentions of harsh side effects or negative comments about it. And, users are seeing fantastic results.

Plus, right now, you can get in on a Special Trial Offer, currently available from the manufacturer, which is always a wonderful thing to see.

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About the Author:

Summer Banks is an ISSA-Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist and has reviewed over 2000 diet products. She has years of nursing training, experience as a manager responsible for 15 supplement brands, and completed coursework on Food and Nutrition from Stanford University. full bio.

How Does African Mango Compare?

Previous African Mango Review (Updated May 29, 2013):

What You Should Know

African Mango is one of the latest trendy weight loss ingredients to hit the market. It is also the name of a new weight loss supplement that, not surprisingly, features African Mango as it’s main active ingredient. African Mango, the supplement, claims that it can help those looking to lose weight by functioning as both a fat burner and a cleanse. The makers of African Mango claim that this supplement is suitable for everyone: men, women and seniors. The makers of the African Mango supplement claim that it specifically targets belly fat, which can be a real problem area for many dieters. The official supplement website does provide a link to a 2005 study published in Lipids Health Digest that details the potential of Irvingia gabonensis seeds, presumably found in the African Mango, to treat obesity. We really like to see clinical studies offered by diet product manufacturers!

List Of Ingredients

Only disclosed ingredient we could find was African Mango. It would be nice to see the other non-active ingredients that may be in this supplement.

Product Details

The official website for the African Mango supplement claims that it is a “rare” fruit that is only found in the rainforests of Cameroon. Claims made about the power of African Mango include that it will boost metabolism and burn fat. As of this writing, the makers of the African Mango supplement currently only offer it for order online, although they claim it will be available in stores later this year. They also claim that, since African Mango is the only ingredient, this product is 100% natural. They also offer a money-back guarantee. A company called Applied Nutritional Research manufactures African Mango, and full contact info is given, which we always like to see.

See Our Featured


  • Clinical study posted on official website.
  • Free book currently offered with order.


  • No trial of African Mango is offered by the supplement manufacturer.
  • African Mango does not contain any patented ingredients.
  • The makers of African Mango suggest that you will lose weight without diet or exercise, which may not be realistic.
  • Other ingredients besides the actual mango extract are not disclosed.
  • Long-term effects of African Mango use may not be known, since it is relatively new to the market.


African Mango is an interesting addition to the weight loss market. It is difficult to tell if more than one manufacturer offers supplements that feature this ingredient. The supplement manufacturer that we found online offers it at a relatively low price. However, there isn’t enough going on with this supplement for us to look at it as a serious weight loss aid. Additionally, the manufacturers claims that you will lose weight without changing any lifestyle habits sounds a bit “too good to be true” to use. For now, we will keep watching African Mango to see if further studies reveal anything new.

81 User Reviews About African Mango

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  • 1
    yevettes f lewis

    They offer you a price of $4.95 and debit your account almost $75.00, please read the fine print.


  • 2

    African Mango.


  • 3

    The product May be a great product, but the customer service and satisfaction at their website is horrible.. I had an allergic reaction to the product after 2 days of using. I signed up for the 14 day trial and received the product 5 days later which means I only had 9 days to try and fail the product. I wanted to wait until Monday to start the product… 2 days after trying the product I had a severe allergic reaction to the product (which I am not mad about). I sent 2 e-mails to cancel my membership and never received a response.. Finally I called to find out what was going on and they said it was after the 14day trial and I was going to be changed.. Which I was $77 for a medication that I can not take.. I explained to them and they did not care even tho I had a doctors note and said they would not refund my money… Be careful what u order…


  • 4

    This is a joke. They charged my account over 200$ and I NEVER received a thing from them. DO NOT USE THIS


  • 5

    i am in desperater need of these Nutra 10 African mango extract, together with the Neutrim but the webside does not allow me in to order and the promotion is until today. Please how can i get hold of the order form in order to place my order.


  • 6

    Where in South Africa can I get this african mango?



    Also in South Africa, GP. Where can i buy this pill?


  • 7

    I`m living in south africa and wish to find out where can we buy this africa mango diet pil by us. Is there pharmacies that keep this product. Can you please let me know. I`m living in Kimbelet Northern Cape in South Africa.

    Thank you Lorinda


  • 8
    Barbara Payne

    Just wondering did you buy the capsules. i am from near sunshine coast where did you buy it and how much weight have you lost and how long a period
    Thanks Barb


  • 9
    Helen-lyn Stone

    I’ve been using 150mg African Mango twice a day for three days now and already I feel the difference in my stomach. I feel less bloated and my metabolism appears to have had a boost. I do go to the bathroom maybe twice a day now though as apposed to once. I literally feel detoxified from the inside out. Am loving this product so far. From sunny Queensland.


  • 10
    Helen Chavez

    what is the mg weight on the africian mango per serving?


  • 11

    any health store.


  • 12
    amanda maartens

    Where in bloemfontein can I get this product


    Your Name

    Any health foodstore


  • 13

    I also order it of the internet for about 6.00 dollars and 4.95 for the colon cleanse pills the only thing you have to cancle your order before your 15 days trial period or they will bill your credit card and you must be firm with them when you cancle your order


  • 14

    I took this for a month with the colon pill it does work I also loss inches everyone could see it, I did not do anything else


  • 15

    We’re in Cape Town can I buy the African Mango Plus



    Where can I buy it and does it work





  • 16



  • 17

    ****make sure you purchase the african mango that contains igob131 ingredient. the patented formula that contains “IGOB131” was used in the clinical trail which resulted the patients to lose weight. so if your not experiencing weight loss, chances are the african mango your using is a FAKE. Without that active ingredient the product is a fake. make sure to check if the ingredients contain IGOB131. some product that i know are african mango complete and african mango plus, which value at $30 to $40 on the market. if you want to see real results, use the real stuff!!


  • 18
    lorraine pattinson

    why have i been charged £64.99 for my items when iv already paid £4.99 and £2.95 I am not happy and want a full refund


  • 19

    I just bought African mango at walmart along with acai berry cleanse. I heard this works.I seen a study where they toke the African mango with a colon cleanse and is suppose to work. Well see.


  • 20

    African mango juice did work for me but I’ve been dieting a little. I cut out eating carbs and i really don’t get very hungry. i lose over 6 pounds in one week. for real not kidding. I was a 196 and now i am 190, so for me its working


  • 21

    Been on for 3 months and I work out 50 minutes 4x per week No difference what so ever


  • 22

    I got charged for 2 months when I called within the first 10 days to cancel my order. When I spoke to the supervisor they said I didn’t read the fine print and hung up on me. After calling about 10 times I was informed that they don’t lie and that it’s my problem that I couldn’t get customer service rep to understand me. I did write to headquarters and still got the same answer. The reason why they couldn’t understand me was one guy I spoke to was named hakim. All he new how to say is sorry sorry good bye. Oh and I gained 4 pounds in the week I took it after cutting all the junk food out and exercising for 30 minutes a day.



    i so this at walgreen yesturday when i when to get my proten shake. for $30.00


  • 23

    Well, I’m not a paid goon and my review is favorable. I have been taking African Mango for about 4 weeks and have lost around 3 lbs and inches in my waist. This is with no exercise and pretty much eating what I want. I do poop more often that I did before the pills.


  • 24

    Where can I buy this product in Wellington NZ?


  • 25
    Grace Osterlund

    Is there any time limit as to how long anyone can take this product, and if so, how long and why? Thank you!


  • 26
    ati rezaei

    where I can buy African Mango in Adelaide?


  • 27

    jst bought this today. Waiting to see if it works.


  • 28
    Mragaret L'Rae Valentine

    I made a purchase of another product,then in the mail I also receive this Mango Crap. The company UNLAWFULLY took $84.90 from my checking account. I have been fighting them since March 20,2011 to get my money back. They had all ready rec’d the product back,but still took the money out of my account. I have begged,Pleaded, gotten an Attorney. I have sent so many e-mails just requesting that someone call me and get my money back to me. DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY!!!!!!!! NO ONE WILL HELP ME AND I NEED THIS MONEY


  • 29

    i have been taking african mango for 3 days and see results. take before each meal and it works for me. i only take it twice each day before eating. those are the instructions on the bottle.


  • 30

    Alone this did not work, but when i started taking with the Konjac root and WHite Kidney bean extract I started to lose weight. Maybe it is the combination of the supplements, need to find out what works for you.


  • 31
    Lindon D Greer

    What is the reccomended dosage for African Mango?


  • 32

    I bought it a Vitamin Shoppe for $12.00 only. It is pure African Mango (500mg) I started taking it this morning and I went to the bathroom 3 times already. I guess it does have lots of fiber.


  • 33

    I have been taking this for 2 weeks with diet and exercise but nothing happen. Why Dr. Oz is promoting this if it just going to rip us off. ??? Sad.


  • 34

    the good reviews are by paid goons


  • 35

    very bad reveiws do not order they are out to rip you off. I always read reveiws before I order.


  • 36

    I am taking african mango for over two weeks now and have lost nothing. And I am working out like crazy and eat healthy. Are you guys real????? Are you sure you are not starving yourselves?


  • 37

    need to know what the price for african mango are in ZAR and where to order from South Africa


  • 38

    I used african mango for a little over two weeks with no results in weight loss but i did start getting very bad headaches.



    Did you read the fine label? The ingredient? You might be allergic to some of the components there. Since there are many different types in the market today. Some have green tree extracts that might not be ok for people with heart problems.



    Hi, I have a persistent headache after taking African Mango. Stopped taking the Mango but still have the headache. How long did it take for your headache to stop? Did you take any meds to help? Getting desperate!


  • 39
    Lois Henkin

    I have taken African Mango pills and L Carnatine for 2 weeks that I bought at Hi-Health, and I haven’t lost any fat or weight. Why?


  • 40

    you shouldn’t take any vitamins or diet pills while on coumadin.


  • 41

    I have used this product for 16 days. 300mg pure mango extract and 200mg green tea 2x per day, along with 100+ oz water daily and a nightly detox pill, I have lost 0!! Another too good to be true product on the market that does nothing it says it does!


  • 42

    started african mango and mixed with diet coffee. day 1 — 130.1 lbs. day 2 129.3 lbs. let’s see what happens on Day 3


  • 43

    Day 1 – Took African Mango cap, 2 in the morning and mix with diet coffee. will see how it goes. Will not change any eating habit nor do any exercise. currently 130.1 lbs will give you update tomorrow.


  • 44

    where can african Mango be purchased in South Africa?



    Were you able to find out where to purchase AFrican Mango product i am based in Cape Town. Please let me know


  • 45

    Is it safe to take this product while on Coumadin? What are the side affects?


  • 46
    rachel orndorff

    need to know any risks? i have copd, and heart problems as well as a fatty liver.


  • 47
    nancye radmin

    since taking African mango I have had frequent bowel movement and nausau. threw up my oatmeal this morning.is this normal?



    I took my first one last night and this morning I was unable to stay off the potty. It started about 7am and finally ended about 8:15. I am hoping this gets better.


    Mr.fluffy bottoms

    The African mango dietary pills are recommened to be taken with a colon cleanser pill to keep everything down. there are certian horomones in the fruit extract that react with the bi-products and toxins in your colon, meaning bowel movement and excess gas are a posability.


  • 48
    Aimee Goodwin

    How much(in mgs) di I take?


  • 49
    Tina Johnson

    I started taking African Mango powder(also has green tea, and berry flavor in it)and about the third day/night I had a racing heart, and I was hallucinating. I must say though that I am hypothyroid and take thyroid supplements(levothyroxine) too. AT first I didn’t take my supplements and it seemed fine. My whole body felt like I was on speed. I would NOT recommend it to anyone with either heart or thyroid issues.



    its the green tea, I am hypo and I have been taking african mango 150mg 2 X daily and am fine. I stay away from any kind of caffeine..



    anonymous you are so right about green tea,while it has less caffeine than coffee,it still has caffeine in it.anyone with hypothyroid condition,or high blood pressure should notdrink green tea/coffee,seeing that both speeds up the heart and could prove to be fatal.i have slightly elevated blood pressure,i no longer drink green tea.the caffeiene made my heart racevery fast.


  • 50
    robyn melton

    where besides online can you buy this product african mango that is


  • 51
    Norman KRESTIN

    Im have been using African Mango QR capsules for about
    4weeks with no excercise but
    with a reduced calorie intake
    My urine has become very smelly.with a meaty/cooking sw
    ssmell-is this to be expected?


  • 52
    Jan Winchell

    I have chronic bronchitis and asthma. Any contraindications


    Carol R

    Possibly… It seems mango trees & skin contain a toxin found in poison ivy, poison oak & poison sumac. Weather this is true of African mango, I’m not certain, yet something you might want to b aware of. If it can cause dermatitis, it may cause other problems, either handling the fruit or even being near trees.


  • 53

    I have the same question. I take the blood pressure med lisinopro.


    Theopolis Cyrus

    What is the answer to the question about high blood pressure?



    What about using with blood pressure meds? I see the question, but no answer. Are you afraid to say anything about it???



    hi i have high blood pressure
    i am taking bencar 20mg and am taking African Mango and no side effects but this is the drink 2 tlb 3 times a day


  • 54

    I’m wondering if this is any different from the other irvingia products on the market.


  • 55

    Is African Mango safe for diabetics?



    I like to know how safe is for a person with typeII diabetic,and safe is it’s to lose weight?ekessf utlirI


  • 56

    how much does it cost per session and its side effects when I will decide to stop the pills?


  • 57

    how much weight did you lose are u still losing? what was starting weight?



  • 58

    I lost 2 inches on my waist after the first 2 weeks using african mango invigna product



    how much weight have you lost so far?



    Hey Chica, I for one am grateful that she posted INCHES lost as the scale is so unreliable. You can gain/lose up to 2 lbs a day for no reason at all. Inches lost is the truest depiction of FAT loss.



    How big are the pills, i.e. horse pills?



    how big are the pills. I have a hard time with big pills



    Can you give us an update, Connie. How are you feeling? Have you lost any more weight?


  • 59

    i need to know how to get this in nigeria asap.


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