All About How To Order Acai Berry Weight-Loss Pills Review

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One of the most recently recognized superfoods is acai berry. Many websites claim this fruit can help reduce weight and burn fat in the process. Products are sold as freeze dried fruits, most of the time. The dried fruit is packed into capsules taken several times a day. Acai supporters claim increased libido and energy are associated with the supplement.



Step #1:

Visit an Internet website for the acai product you would like to try. There are plenty of websites out there so make sure to check out a few before finally deciding on a product. Read the details about every order including the Terms of Service.

Step #2:

Look through the acai berry supplements the website is offering and choose which one is best for you. Place the order by clicking the button that reads “Order” or “Add to Cart”. There may be a link at the top of the page or closer to the product description.

Step #3:

After the product is added to the cart, choose how many bottles you wish to order. There is often a quantity in the cart to change bottle number.

Step #4:

Create a personal account on the website of choice and enter an active email address and address for shipment. The website may also ask you for a login name and password.

Step #5:

After the address and shipping selection is made, update the page or “recalculate” to show the final total with the cost of shipping.

Step #6:

There should now be a button on the page that reads, “Checkout”. Click this button and go through the process of entering the billing address. If it is the same as shipping there may be a box you can click so you don’t have to reenter all information.

Step #7:

Pick the shipping time or service and how you wish to pay for the acai berry. Most often there are several payment methods including PayPal and credit cards.

Step #8:

Enter all information for payment and complete the order. If you are sending the money into the ordering center, write down the address where the check or money order needs to be sent. Credit card payments are entered on the website and require the number of the credit card, security code and expiration date. PayPal orders are processed online and the login to PayPal is all that is required. There are some restrictions with PayPal so choose this option only if you are familiar with the requirements.

Step #9:

An email will be sent to verify you have ordered correctly and that the payment is being processed. You may receive another email when the order has shipped.

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