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Appemine was formulated by the company Right Size. The key active ingredients in Appemine consist of Green Tea Extract, Cinnamon Twig and Galangal. Right Size produces meal replacement shakes that contain Appemine. They say that Appemine is a biogenic amine that works by affecting the adrenal receptors in the body that control our sensations of hunger. They say that not only does Appemine possess fat and appetite quenching properties, but that it also acts as a mood elevator.


The ingredients in the shakes by Right Size include Appemine, Dehydrated Cane Juice Crystals, Soy Protein Isolate with Isoflavones, Soy Protein Concentrate, Sunflower Oil, Gum Blend, Vitamin Blend, Acesuflame Potassium, and Maltodextrin.

Product Features

Appemine by Right Size is sold in the form of a powder. Users are then directed to incorporate this powder into a meal replacement shake. There is an official Right Size website which says that you should mix one scoop of the Right Size meal replacement powder with eight oz. of cold water or juice to make a shake or smoothie. The key ingredient in the shake, according to the manufacturers, is Appemine. They say that Green Tea, Cinnamon Twig, and Galangal, which are the key compounds in Appemine, are all biogenic amines, which means that not only will Appemine lift your mood, but that it will also act as a fat burner. Glangal is also known as Blue Ginger and is part of the ginger root family. It is used as a tonic and a stimulant in South East Asia. Of course Green Tea is an extremely common ingredient in weight loss products for sale on the market today, as is ginger. Cinnamon is known also for its ability to help control blood sugar levels, which means that it can often control appetite.

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  • There is an official website for Appemine.
  • The product can be ordered directly on line.
  • Right Size, which contains Appemine, is reasonably priced.


  • There does not seem to be a money back guarantee.
  • The manufacturers do not provide any hard clinical proof that this product will result in weight loss.
  • There do not seem to have been any controlled, standardized tests carried out on Appemine.
  • There doesn’t seem to be a free trial available for first-time users.


The ingredients in Appemine are similar to ingredients in other weight loss products. Green tea and Ginger, which is in fact what the ingredient known as Galangal is, are found in a whole host of weight loss products on the market today. Cinnamon is also found in a number of products. In view of this we are not exactly sure what distinguishes this from other weight loss solutions available. As things stand we cannot recommend Appemine over and above other weight loss products until we have more proof from the product’s manufacturer.

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32 User Reviews about Appemine

  • 1
    Ronald Watson

    where can I order the ingredient appemine ?


  • 2
    Robert Garret

    I am a diabetic should I use this product


  • 3

    I’m on metformin, Is it safe, if your diabetic?


  • 4

    I tried Right Size Shakes about a year ago. You know, weight loss infomercial… Free trial but they send you two and if you don’t return the 2nd within 30 days you pay over a $100. I thought things were going well. I was excited about shedding a few lbs. After those 30 days my bones and joints started hurting and I was prone to cramping. Ever had a severe cramp? You feel like screaming and can’t move! Oh it was delicious but… I had just opened the second canister and was afraid that whatever appemine was – it wasn’t good. Like aspartame. Avoid it at all costs. Drink water!


  • 5

    I have been using the shakes for 60 days. I supplement two meals a day with a shake. I like the Vanilla and the chocolate, I think the Berry one is very sweet and don’t really like it. I wouldn’t say the other flavors taste great but you get used to them. They seem to work, but I am missing two meals a day and exercising so who knows. I do know that it definitely suppresses my appetite for several hours after drinking one. Side effects have been some slight stomach cramping but that’s it. I have lost 15lbs so far and will probably continue to use it till I reach my goal weight. I am being careful though to watch for side effects because this is not a regulated supplement so we are taking a risk by using it.


  • 6

    I started taking the smoothie Monday and I feel ok. I am on Blood pressure meds no side effects yet.


  • 7

    is rightsizes smoothie safe to take if taking high blood pressure medication?


  • 8
    m. gaeta

    i actually got a stomach ache from appemine. i would like to know if its because i am on high blood pressure meds?


  • 9

    I just received the 2 tubs of Lean bean Cocoa and the mixer. I one smoothie yesterday and one today. Does the mixture make you go to the bathroom to deficate is this product design to remove fecal matter in your body. and what is the total cost after the 18.80 that I paid and is that 119.00 as a one time charge


  • 10

    I tried right size and like the taste. It is a little sweeter than Herbalife, which I have used for years. The right size does seem to curb my appetite longer than other shakes that I have tried.


  • 11



  • 12

    Just made my first smoothie. I hope I do not have a reaction, like the jitters, or the high you would get from older suppresants.


  • 13
    marie Hill

    is it safe to take with anti depressants Lexapro tab and Lovastatin


  • 14

    got the smoothies 2 days ago. i mix it w/ water or sometimes skim milk. The vanilla is delish!!
    Drank some late in the day and didnt sleep very well.
    will keep posting my progress.



    Sally I got your info off the blog…how did your weight loss go with Right Size Smoothie?


  • 15

    are there a lot of stimulants in the shake mix?


  • 16

    Well I tried right size for the first time about an hour ago, I am allergic to caffeine, I was made to understand that appemine is like half the strength of caffiene or something to that effect, well I feel awful, I’m jittery, my head hurts and I feel dizzy, I for one don’t like it. So I will have to give the product right size a thumbs down.



    if it says it has caffeine, u assume the responsibility of the effects it may have on you. Don’t blame the product for your indiscretions.


  • 17
    Audrey Kelly

    I have Addison’s and would like to know, if I should take this multivitamine with Appemine>


  • 18

    does appemine and levothryoxine counter act each other?



    I would take other medications 2 hour after the levothyroxine, so with that said. Take the smoothy 2 hour after the medicine to avoid one affecting the other.


  • 19
    Vicki Schultz

    Is it safe to take with anti-depressants? I am on Paxil and trazodone.


  • 20

    It’s better than those addictive energy drinks like Monster & Rockstar. The ingredients seem to be at least a little healthier and it tastes great!



    Yes, the smoothies are great. i drink the chocolate one for breakfast every morning…only i mix mine with milk..sometimes, half milk and makes it creamer and promotes calcium intake, as well…at least that’s what i say!


  • 21

    How do you expect people to try something if you don’t give them all the facts?


  • 22

    Is it safe if you take blood pressure meds and high cholestral meds?


    Kevin Donohue

    safe use with hypertension?



    how safe with heypertension meds.??



    I am on high blood pressure medicine,is it safe to take?


  • 23
    Frankie Washington

    I want to try the free trial



    It is not free. You pay 18.80 for shipping and they send you two big tubs of it and charge you 119.00 if u decide to keep it, otherwise if you can return it



    they never said anything about any additional monies such as $119.00 they stated the only cost is the $18.80