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Arnica Montana, a flowered plant originating in Europe, is often made into a topical ointment. This ointment may relieve pain, stiff muscles, bruises, and other aches and pains. Arnica is most often applied to wounds and inflammation.

List of Ingredients

This product has no list of ingredients as Arnica Montana is an ingredient found in many products and not a product itself. Ingredients in individual Arnica products are found on most official product websites.

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Sometimes called Wolf’s Bane, Mountain Tobacco, and Mountain Arnica, Mountain Arnica has, for centuries, been used as a medicinal aid. Although physical contact with the plant can cause irritation, when used in a topical ointment, Arnica Montana may serve a similar purpose as ibuprofen, reducing pain in hand osteoarthritis.

Also, Arnica Montana may aid in relieving pain caused by bruises, stiff muscles, inflammation, and physical exertion or intense exercise. In fact, many professional athletes uses Arnica Montana.

Despite these qualities in its favor, Arnica Montana does have its drawbacks. Studies show that frequent use may cause gastroenteritis and internal bleeding.

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  • Many supplements containing Arnica Montana are natural containing little to no harmful chemicals.
  • May relieve pain from physical exertion and exercise.
  • May treat bruising and inflammation.
  • May help symptoms of hand osteoarthritis.


  • Arnica products make no weight loss claims.
  • The actual benefits of Arnica Montana are debatable. Some research shows that, in certain cases, the plant has no more effect than a placebo.
  • Contains the toxic substance henelalin which can cause internal bleeding and gastroenteritis if consumed in large quantities.
  • The plant can irritate the skin.
  • Arnica Montana has no official website. Therefore, it may be difficult to find products containing it.
  • Before and after pictures of bruises treated by Arnica Montana are not easily available.


Producers of Arnica Montana supplements may claim the product is a natural, safe alternative to harmful chemical pain relievers. However, these claims may not be entirely truthful. Although Arnica Montana does treat hand osteoarthritis, studies show it operates no better than a placebo on laser burns. In addition, the plant may harm people when taken internally. Despite this danger, many supplements suppliers still offer Arnica Montana in pill form.

However, Arnica Montana may be useful to fitness fanatics and arthritis victims looking for a more natural cure for their symptoms. Those considering taking Arnica Montana should discuss the benefits and dangers with their doctor first. Also, users of Arnica Montana should not expect results different than traditional pain relievers. Arnica Montana is merely a nutritional supplement, not a miracle cure. In addition, Arnica Montana should be used only as a topical ointment and not taken internally.

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    Tim Johnson

    I was told not to touch Arnica Montana pills with my hands, which is why the bottles are designed to drop the pills directly into your mouth.

    Is this true and what are the negative impacts if you do come into physical contact with the pills?

    I find this strange since you’re directed to melt the pills in your mouth but cannot touch them with your hands?