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Dr. Edward Bach specializes in creating natural remedies that he claims reduce stress levels, leading to a healthier body. Dr. Bach saw disease as the by-product of unhappiness and stress. He sought to find natural remedies that would cleanse the body of these emotions, in turn preventing diseases.

Dr. Bach claims that all diseases are brought on when people are under intense pressures and stress. By taking his products, he claims the body will eliminate negative emotions and return to its point of balance.

Bach products contain 100% natural spring water along with flower combinations, which he claims decrease stress and unhappiness.

List of Ingredients

Bach products are 100% natural. They are made up of water and various flowers, depending on which product you are using. Dr. Bach stresses that only 100% natural ingredients can be used if the body is to return to its point of balance.

Product Features

Bach products use a special blend of 38 different types of flowers, blended with spring water. While Bach products sound a little “unusual,” Bach claims that they will create a healthier body. The drink flushes out the body’s digestive systems and blood stream. This removes harmful toxins from the body, purifying the body.

Bach claims that after taking his products, you will feel happier and less stressed. The user will also, he claims, suffer from fewer colds and diseases.

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  • Bach products contain 100% natural ingredients. They claim to detoxify the body using natural minerals.
  • The product claims to help reduce stress levels and prevent diseases.


  • Bach products offer the user unrealistic expectations. The manufacturers claim that through a special blend of spring water and flower petals they can prevent diseases. There is not enough research showing this to be true.
  • Bach products, as far as their website and reviews show, have not undergone any types of clinical tests or trials. They have also failed to be approved by the FDA.
  • The manufacturers claim that many celebrities have used their products, yet no testimonials have been presented on their website. They also fail to have satisfied customer bios on their website.
  • Bach products also fail to provide any type of information about how the product should be taken and how often.


Dr. Bach provides a unique formula of spring water and natural flowers. While he claims that his unique mixture eliminates negative feelings and alleviates unhappiness, his claims are a little far fetched.

Not much is known about Dr. Bach, nor have his products received many positive reviews. It appears that his ideas and products are a little too unusual, and does not appear to be the direction that many seeking better body health are interested in going.

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