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BarnDad Nutrition is a supplement company which focuses on healthy weight loss solutions. The product line consists bulk fiber products. The company, founded in 2011, uses extensive studies associated with the benefits of fiber in the diet, in conjunction with a healthy diet and weight loss program. We know the benefits of fiber and BarnDad Nutrition discusses throughout the website. There was no misleading information contained on the website. Although we know the benefits, we would have liked to see clinical research.

List of Ingredients


  • BarnDad Nutrition is a health a wellness supplement company which sells fiber-based products.

Product Features

BarnDad Nutrition is a supplement company based in Pennsylvania. The company was founded in 2011 and sells the signature product FiberDX. The product line consists of non-GMO fiber and protein. When we looked though the ingredient listings, we could not find any ingredient which was not healthy or not a proven weight loss solution. All of the products contain a minimum of 40% of the daily recommended dosage of fiber.

At times companies such as BarnDad Nutrition fail to discuss exercise in conjunction with healthy eating. This is not the case with BarnDad Nutrition. The website has a section dedicated to exercise and even provides information regarding one-on-one personal training. We also noticed the website features sample fitness plans to use in conjunction with the BarnDad Nutrition product line.

One consideration we noticed relating to BarnDad Nutrition was the price. Although the product line contains the ingredients proven to improve health and wellbeing, the prices are rather expensive compared to similar products. Prices range from $30 to $149, respectively.

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  • Fiber is a proven weight loss solution.
  • The products do not contain unhealthy ingredients.
  • Dieters can purchase the products on the website.
  • The company provides information relating to exercise.


  • Several of the products are expensive, considering dieters will need to purchase in bulk.


We like BarnDad Nutrition. This company sells the products dieters need to improve overall health and wellbeing, without the unnecessary ingredients. We scoured the website and could not find any hint of misleading information. The company even includes information relating to exercise, something lacking with many supplement companies. The main point we have to stress with BarnDad Nutrition is the pricing structure. The company only sells a few items, but the ones listed on the website are rather expensive. This could be the determining factor for the cost-conscience dieter. Will the dieter choose the product with the best ingredients to improve health and wellbeing or the product with similar ingredients and a price to fit their respective budgets? This is could potentially be a difficult choice.

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