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The be-Hot package contains three supplements marketed at GNC stores across the United States. The “be” supplements included are be-Energized, be-Enhanced and be-Defined. The “be” line has not been a great seller for GNC and thus packing these three supplements together could be a way to push the rest of any unmoving product off the shelves.

List of Ingredients

be-Energized: Caffeine Anhydrous, MegaNatural®-BP Grape Seed Extract, Green Tea Leaves Extract, Capsimax™ Capsicum Fruit Extract, Bioperine, Setria L-Glutathione and alpha-Lipoic Acid.

be-Defined: Chloride, Potassium, NAS and Green Tea Lea Extract (Decaffeinated).

be-Enhanced: Conjugated Linoleic Acid, EPA, DHA, MCT’s (Medium Chain Triglycerides), LA (Linoleic Acid), Oleic Acid, GLA (gamma Linolenic Acid), ALA (alpha-Linoleic Acid) and Vitamin E.

Product Features

Each of the “be” supplements is sold separately on the GNC official website. Together, the products individually sell for around $100 so the $50 price tag for one-month supply of all three is quite a savings. However, if the formulas will not increase weight loss there is no reason to spend even the smallest amount of money.

The first supplement, be-Energized, includes caffeine and green tea. Both of these ingredients are considered proven metabolism and fat boosters so GNC got those right on. They also list the amount of each ingredient, which is rare for a weight loss supplement. There is 200 mg of caffeine, about the same as two strong cups of coffee. The green tea, however, is listed at 95 mg, which is a bit lower than we would expect. Green tea supplements are available far cheaper with much more green tea per serving.

The second supplement is be-Defined. This supplement does nothing for weight loss, but does contain a bit more green tea that has been decaffeinated to stop the jitters, we assume. The final of the three supplements in the be-Hot kit is the be-Enhanced. As an omega 3,6,9 supplement, the formula is pretty sound. There is some research evidence that conjugated linoleic acid can be cause harmful side effects.

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  • be-Hot as a package is 50% cheaper than the individual supplements.
  • All ingredients for the three be-Hot supplements are found online.


  • Spending $50 for a supplement with caffeine and green tea as the only proven ingredients may not prove smart.
  • No appetite suppressants are included to stave off those hunger pangs.


GNC sells the be-Hot package at a huge discount for a reason. The individual products are probably not selling and the company is hoping someone will see a huge discount and buy up the set. Unfortunately, for the dieter, there is very little to be excited about with be-Hot. The formula is weak and with no appetite suppressant included, the increased metabolism may be replaced with increased hunger.

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