Biggest Loser Meal Delivery Plan Review

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The Biggest Loser Meal Delivery Plan is available for people who want to eat just like the contestants of the show, without the hassle associated with finding the right food combinations or having to prepare any of the food. For people who live a busy lifestyle and don’t have the time to cook, this is a potentially excellent way to eat healthy and ensure weight loss.

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The Biggest Loser Meal Delivery Plan is a diet meal plan that brings your food directly to your door for either five or seven days based on the plan you choose. The seven day meal plan includes 21 meals and seven snacks for $21.95 per day, or $153.65 per week plus shipping. The five day meal plan includes 15 meals and five snacks for $23.95 per day, or $119.75 per week plus shipping. The meals are calorie and portion controlled, and were developed by doctors, nutritionists and fitness experts. The program is managed by Though there is a wide variety of meals available, you cannot customize your meals. There are not many meal options for vegetarians. Meals can be ordered online or by phone. Special promotions are run from time to time to discount the cost of meals, such as order X weeks, get a week free.

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  • The Biggest Loser Meal Delivery Plan takes the guesswork out of preparing healthy meals.
  • Meals are delivered right to your door to save you time.
  • Meals are diabetic friendly.


  • The Biggest Loser Meal Delivery Plan is pricey for most people.
  • The plan does not allow for customization of meals.
  • There are not many options for vegetarians.
  • There is no exercise component for this plan.
  • This does not teach people how to prepare their own healthy meals.


The Biggest Loser Meal Delivery Plan is a good way to eat right to promote weight loss, if you are one who is just too busy to cook and prepare your own meals. However, financially it is quite the undertaking and most people who are too busy to cook may still not be able to afford the expense. Though there is not any exercise component, The Biggest Loser is focused on fitness, and has other tools such as DVDs to help you follow an exercise routine, but it requires yet another expense. The bottom line is that while they provide everything you need to get in shape the healthy way, it is out of reach for many of the people who need help the most. As long as you follow a healthy balanced diet and regular exercise routine you will be able to lose the weight, and you can do it without the meal delivery plan. If you want to accelerate your efforts, take a proven weight loss supplement as directed.

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