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Bioslim Advanced Mango is a weight loss product that seemingly has taken the Internet by storm. There are several different review websites offering the chance to get your free trial bottle, but every single one of them does not work. It leads us to believe there is something wrong with the affiliate website selling this product, or that the product has since been pulled from the market. Read this review to find out more about the product and how it works to help you reach your health and wellness goals.

List of Ingredients

We were not able to locate a full list of ingredients in this formula, but by the name and other information, we were able to determine the product contains African Mango.

Product Features

Bioslim Advanced Mango contains the African Mango plant. Beyond this, we are not really sure about the product, because we cannot see the ingredients list, or even place an order for the product. It claims that the main ingredient is able to help you suppress your appetite and increase your metabolism so you are not only eating less without feeling hungry, you are losing more fat and calories throughout your day than you would be with just a balanced diet and regular exercise. It also claims you will see an improved digestion, cleanses, and hydrates your body while also helping to break down carbs so they are not stored as more fat in your body. We are not sure how well the product lives up to any of these claims.

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  • Bioslim Advanced Mango has no known advantages.


  • Bioslim Advanced Mango does not seem to be available anymore, because we cannot place an order for the product.
  • We cannot see an ingredient list to determine whether or not the product is effective at following through with its claims.
  • There are no customer testimonials to support this product.
  • Though at one time it appears a free trial bottle was available, it is no longer available.
  • There is no mention of using diet and exercise to support your results with this product.


Bioslim Advanced Mango is one of the products we recommend with caution. In the event that our inability to purchase the product is just a fluke and it is indeed still available, we advise you to proceed with caution due to the lack of real information about the product presented on the various websites promoting it. Without a real look at the ingredients in the formula, we cannot really say whether we think it will work or not, but generally speaking, when they hide ingredients, there is something they do not want you to know. Regardless of what you use, we promote the use of a healthy balanced diet and regular exercise program to support your overall weight loss efforts.

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    Evelyn Peel

    Stick to healthy eating and sensible exercise. I got Bioslim have not noticed any difference to anything but my bank account. The “free” trial ended up costing me nearly $100.00 US.


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    Is it ok to take bioslim while pregnant?