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Biowell Natural Health is a natural health products company, based in Canfield, Ohio, that primarily sells energy and pain relieving supplements through their website Some of their most popular products include InCleanse, a colon cleansing ready-to-mix powder, Stratoline E22, a natural, stimulant-free energy aid, and Biowell Defense, a nutritional, stress-relieving supplement packed with 36 vitamins and nutrients for reportedly maintaining stamina and energy levels.

Biowell Natural Health’s supplements are targeted to the older, and more stress-prone generation, who often deal with problems such as a lack of energy or poor stamina. But these touted cure-alls come at a higher price: all of their products cost at least $37.95, with Biowell Defense costing the most–$42.98. Biowell Natural Health does offer a 100% money back guarantee, however, redeemable at any time after purchase.


Both Biowell Defense and Stratoline contain vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B6, biotin, pantothenic acid and magnesium.

InCleanse contains psyllium seed husk, apple pectin, acai berry extract, triphala, cinnamon, bentonite powder, fennel seed powder, grapefruit pectin, licorice root, ginger root and stevia.

Product Features

Biowell Defense and Stratoline are rich in core vitamins found in multivitamins, and contain ingredients nearly identical to over-the-counter (OTC) vitamins. But don’t count out the usefulness of supplements containing a multivitamin complex–according to, it may improve mental clarity, prevent cardiovascular disease and even improve energy levels. For older people, it may also reverse vitamin deficiencies caused by problems with vitamin absorption. Both Biowell Defense and Stratoline may improve energy and immune functioning, if used properly on a regular basis.

BioCleanse, however, may not include relatively safe or effective products for removing impurities from the colon. Bentonite powder is better known as a bulk laxative, which adds water to the stool to soften the impacted waste. Psyllium seed husk is also a type of bulk laxative, doubling the laxative-like effects of BioCleanse. Although both psyllium seed husk and bentonite powder are gentler compared to OTC laxatives, it may still cause some side effects, including cramping, excessive gas, bloating or nausea.

Furthermore, these bulk laxatives only work in the bowel, not the colon. It is scientifically impossible for bulk laxatives to target the colon, and may actually cause some effects they claim it can cure, such as bloating and poor vitamin absorption.

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  • They offer a 100% money back guarantee on all products.
  • Their multivitamin-like supplements may increase energy levels and improve immune health.


  • Its colon cleansing formula contains laxative-like ingredients.
  • None of its products directly affect body weight–instead, they focus on increasing energy and stamina to stop weight gain.
  • Many of their products are expensive, and only available online.


Biowell Natural Health contains a variety of products targeted to an older, more stress-susceptible audience, and some of their products may provide stress-relieving benefits. They are many similar products available in retail stores for a fraction of the price, however.

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