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Borage oil is processed by pressing the seeds of the borage plant. Borage grows wild throughout Europe and North America and is commonly found by roadsides. Borage oil contains gamma linolenic acid (GLA). GLA is a fatty acid that the body converts to prostaglandin, a substance that acts like a hormone. Prostaglandin acts on the body as an anti-inflammatory and may help dilate blood vessels.

GLA is found in many nuts and seeds, including olives, evening primrose, and in many vegetable oils. Borage oil, however, has the highest levels of GLA of any food- in the range of 20-25%.

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Borage oil is also used as an aid to weight loss. One theory regarding what causes obesity believes that it is caused by inflammation in the body. Borage oil may be able to reduce overall inflammation and therefore might help weight loss. GLA’s other health properties are more widely documented than its role in dieting.

Borage oil comes most often in gel caps and is widely available in pharmacies and nutritional supplement stores. Those who have allergies and sensitivities should make sure that the supplement they choose is free from wheat, milk, yeast, or other common allergens. The borage seed itself does contain a substance that is toxic to the liver in large doses but the oil does not appear to contain this substance. Borage oil can cause minor side-effects with regular use such as heartburn, gas, nausea, and headaches but, many users report that these symptoms subside after a while when the body has adjusted to the borage oil.

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  • Good sources of gamma linolenic acid.
  • Widely available through stores and online sources.


  • Has not been clinically proven at helping with weight loss.
  • Can cause minor side-effects with regular usage.


Borage oil has great promise as an anti-inflammatory and, with more research, may become a standard treatment for inflammatory conditions that do not respond well to treatment. However, there appears to be no clinical studies supporting borage oil’s effectiveness in weight loss. Fortunately, there are proven weight loss aids on the market that include effective ingredients.

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  • 1

    Can you recommend a brand of borage oil?


  • 2

    I take 2000 – 3,000 mg of borage and flax oil a day in gel caps. I’ve noticed rashes that itch forming on my body after several months of taking these supplements. Can anyone shed any information about the possibility of red, itchy patches forming with continued use in this dosage? Are there other ways to obtain gla, other than Borage oil?


    Donna Lee

    Dr. Oz recommends 800 mg a day of borage oil and says its safe. My Dr. had no objection to it either. It’s showing signs of flattening my belly. Can’t find anything bad about it. Am sticking to the 800 mg. a day.



    How long were you taking it before you saw results?


  • 3
    Maria Alice.

    Borage oil is good to those who have endometriose?


  • 4

    A couple of years ago I took this refrigerated flax borage oil that I bought in a health food store. I was taking it for the flax to help my skin and discovered I started losing weight without much effort (and I needed to). Anyway after looking up what the heck this borage stuff was I discovered it aids with weight loss and it’s true


  • 5

    I take mobic for my rheumatoid arthritis. I was thinking of taking the borage oil. Does anyone know if its safe?


  • 6
    Dorothy Peikert

    I have type 2 diabetes and take meds for high blood pressure, is it safe to take
    Borage Oil?



    I have type 2 diabetes & have been taking borage oil for months & DHA. Helping me get weight off slowly with diet & exercise…when not taking, weight just won’t budge. NO SIDE AFFFECTS. Yes, my doctor does know I’m taking it.


  • 7
    Jodie Casey

    I have been taking 2 borage oil (500mg) 3 times a day for some time for my perphial neuropathy. My liver numbers are now high. The docs can’t figure out why. Could I be taking too much to cause this?


    Virginia Regan

    Jodie, has this been effective for the PN? I have tried everything, but nothing seems to help.


  • 8
    Eva W

    I cannot find UPA-free borage seed oil anywhere. What products are certified UPA free? I am taking it for rheumatoid arthritis. I did buy a 1000 mg bottle of the Whole Food brand and it is not certified as UPA free. thank you


  • 9
    Jill Kimmel

    What is the recommended daily dose of Borage oil? Since I have had hepatitis A would this be injurious to my liver?



    Not sure on the dose you should buy but make sure its Only buy preparations that are labeled as “PA-free.
    So it doesn’t hurt your liver


  • 10

    I’m using it on my hands, it seems to be helping. I’ve tried everything in the world. My hands mainly finger tips crack and open up at the cuticle’s… Count me in. Rick Tucson AZ…



    Try 50 mg. of zinc daily


  • 11

    just want to know how long will be the delivery if i want to order for borage oil.i am based in dubai.thanks and i will wait for ur reply.


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