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Caigua herbal supplements are made form Cyclanthera pedata, a hollow fruit resembling a cucumber.  Caigua fruit is grown on a climbing vine harvested in the mountains of Peru.  Also known as wild cucumber, stuffing cucumber, pepino de comer, or lady’s slipper, caigua fruit it has traditionally been used in South America to treat high cholesterol, hypertension, circulatory problems and gastrointestinal difficulties.


100 % pure Caigua fruit (Cyclanthera pedata).

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Caigua herbal supplements are manufactured by a couple of companies, most notably Raintree Pharmacy and Amazon Botanicals.  The primary use seems to be as a natural treatment for high cholesterol.  There are a few fly-by-night sites on the Internet that claim to sell Caigua supplements as a miracle weight loss aid. Their ads picture beautiful women in bikinis with beach perfect bodies as a way to entice the consumer.

However, a quick look at their own marketing materials make it apparent that even those companies are aware that weight loss is not a proven use for the caigua fruit.  The properties of caigua that do have scientific evidence to back them up are in the area of cholesterol research.  The fruit has been shown to reduce LDL (bad) cholesterol and to increase HDL (good) cholesterol.  Peruvians also onally use caigua to improve overall metabolic function for general good health.

Caigua supplements can be purchase in at least two strengths that we found: 300 mg and 500 mg. They run anywhere from $156.00 for 100 capsules to $20.00 for 100 capsules and are sold online at a number of herbal supplement sites.

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  • Caigua herbal supplements are made of 100% natural ingredients.
  • Caigua fruit has been proven effective in lowering cholesterol.


  • Caigua herbal supplements have no known weight loss properties.


Caigua herbal supplements have been proven safe and effective for lowering cholesterol.  Any claims made in regard to weight loss are completely unsubstantiated. While taking an herbal supplement such as caigua  can be an important part of a cholesterol lowering routine, the best way to influence cholesterol health is to maintain a healthy weight. There are safe, proven diet aids on the market which contain fat burners, appetite suppressants and metabolism boosters for those who need to lose a few pounds to reach that goal.

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