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The Cancer Fighting Kitchen is a book written by Rebecca Katz. It is not a weight loss approach as we would expect one, but teaches you how to arm your kitchen with foods that will help promote a healthy body while working through cancer treatment and recovery. It is thought that by eating this way, you will experience some weight loss as a side effect.

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The Cancer Fighting Kitchen is more than a cookbook. Many times, the treatment used for cancer is just has hard on the body as the cancer is, and more often than not, proper nutrition is a topic that is usually ignored. This book provides more than recipes to help you keep your body at its best through treatment and recovery. It helps arm you with valuable information to keep your body healthy once you reach remission, so you can hopefully avoid another battle with cancer. The focus on the book is helping the body to heal and fight cancer, from the inside out. There are solutions for dealing with the common side effects of treatment, such as dehydration, nausea, and intense fatigue. Treating the body through the food you put in it can greatly affect how you feel.

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  • The Cancer Fighting Kitchen is an ideal natural way to support the body while undergoing a harmful treatment for cancer.
  • There are many positive reviews of this product on


  • The Cancer Fighting Kitchen is not a weight loss plan.
  • This book does not focus on exercise and fitness.
  • This book will not appeal to people who are not affected by cancer.
  • Though intended to help with the treatment and recovery of cancer, we are not sure if it will help prevent the disease.


The Cancer Fighting Kitchen is not a typical diet, and is not designed for weight loss. Instead, it is designed to help people with cancer, who are undergoing treatment, combat the harsh affects of what the chemo and radiation will do to the body. If you, or someone who know is dealing with cancer, this cookbook is armed with recipes and good information to help you learn how to use your diet to treat your body and improve the way you feel over the course of your treatment. If weight loss is an issue once you reach remission, continuing to eat the way the book recommends is much healthier than processed, quick foods, and you may see weight loss as a side effect. Cancer patients should not exercise the same way a healthy person should, but exercise is recommended for those who are healthy enough to participate in a program.

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