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Cayenne is a spice derived from Chili peppers, used for centuries as an additive to dishes to give it an extra kick. Additionally, it was also used to treat digestive problems in ancient Asia, but today’s science has added another key feature to this spicy derivative — its ability to trigger the “full” feeling in stomachs when eaten. Now centuries after its initial use, scientists have looked into its chemical properties when ingested. Scientifically, this spice contains quite a lot, consisting of Capsaicin (the chemical that makes this pepper hot), Vitamin A, and numerous antioxidants, but the Capsaicin chemical plays an important role into why this pepper has yielded such positive results in numerous studies. Studies show this spice helped mimic a full feeling in the stomach, and it’s no wonder why so many dieters want to ingest this substance.

Of course, no spice or ingredient is without its side effects and precautions, but the issues surrounding Cayenne are not as serious compared to typical weight loss ingredients. Better yet, you can find this spice anywhere — just consult your grocery’s local spice rack.

Let’s look into Cayenne’s dietary properties.


Cayenne contains Capsaicin, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and numerous antioxidants.

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When it comes to Cayenne’s dietary properties, numerous studies show this substance contains a wallop. Studies conducted on its digestive properties show Capsaicin works as a appetite suppressant when digested, stimulating warmth inside the abdomen and giving it a “full” feeling. An overwhelming amount of participants reported feeling fuller when eating food containing Cayenne. Other studies also show a more curious side effect of Cayenne — its ability to stimulate metabolic production. Essentially, it would be fair to say Cayenne contains thermogenic properties as well as appetite suppressing properties, but simply swallowing an ounce of this spice every day is obviously not enough to offer complete weight loss support. It may offer some benefits for those seeking natural alternatives, however.

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  • Is inexpensive and natural, commonly found in grocery stores as a way to add flavor to food.
  • Numerous studies show it contains thermogenic and appetite suppressant properties.


  • Not recommended for people with digestive problems or those who are at risk for ulcers.
  • Is not a complete supplement, so dieters will need other supplements for full dietary coverage.
  • May interact negatively with some medications.


Cayenne has numerous proven results, but Cayenne alone will not help dieters shed those pounds. A healthy diet and plenty of exercise are also important for losing weight slowly and effectively, and supplementing a diet with Cayenne may add another boost to their diet. Make sure to talk with your doctor before adding this supplement to your diet, however, as it may interact with certain medications and irritate the stomach.

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