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The Dean Ornish Diet Plan was, obviously, created by Dr. Dean Ornish. Dr. Ornish is a renowned cardiologists and author of two books about weight loss. The books are “Program for Reversing Heart Disease” and “Eat More, Weigh Less.” The diet strategy began as a treatment plan for heart patients to undertake. These patients needed to improve their dietary habits to improve their overall health. The cholesterol did lower in the patients and help to create a healthier heart. They also experienced weight loss. The books delineate the findings of these results.

The Ornish Diet follows a vegetarian protocol. The diet concentrates on taking all fats and cholesterol from the diet and the dieter eating mostly whole grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables. The book “Eat More, Weigh Less,” describes the average American diet as mostly fat and carbs with much less protein. the Ornish diet plan recommends very little fat, moderate protein and mostly carbs. Exercise is also a key component of Dr. Ornish’s plan weight loss and maintenance plan. 

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Product Features

The diet program is intended to allow the reader to eat all the foods they want, whenever they want to as long as you are genuinely hungry, at the same time the pounds will come off. The maintenance plan is simple…stick to the rules.

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  • Whole grain and organic foods are recommended.
  • Encourages the use of daily exercise .
  • No need to count calories.
  • Eat when you are hungry.
  • The book includes many recipes .
  • People who love carbs may find this diet enjoyable.


  • Several restrictions on this diet
  • Almost no meat.
  • Cuts out Omega-3 nutrients found in fish.
  • Eating out is not possible while on the plan.


The Dean Ornish Plan strictly prohibits some groups of food. This concerns some people. The human body depends on nutrients found in a variety of foods. Opponents of the program say all things are okay as long as they are in moderation. Proponents say Dr Ornish is and expert in the field and the methods of the plan have been proven with heart patients and weight loss patients. Dr. Ornish did remove almost all meat and fish from the diet, even though fish provides important Omega-3 Fatty Acids. The diet is very similar to living a vegetarian lifestyle except living it for weight loss and not for spiritual reasons. Following the plan will require conviction on the part of the dieter. There are many foods that we have been accustom to that are prohibited under the program. Regardless of the nutritional limitations, Dr. Dean Ornish’s Plan has worked for many people.

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3 User Reviews about Dean Ornish Plan

  • 1
    John burke

    Why does it differ from Dr Esselstyn’s plan? No oil? Even Virginia non- hydrogenated coconut oil? Some vs none animal products?


  • 2

    Reading the Ornish book on Reversing Heart Disease. Even though I am a life-long vegetarian, I have not experienced all the benefits touted about a vegetarian diet because I indulge in lots of hidden fatty foods like desserts, milk products and carbohydrates (all vegetarian!).

    I wish the Ornish group had an App for their Reversal Diet and their Prevention diet. Since Ornish in the book discusses food intake in terms of percentages, it is difficult to tell how you reach your daily threshold. For example, he says that in the Reversal Diet, your daily fat consumption should not exceed 10 percent. In real life, how do you know when you have reached the 10 percent level? I have an App which supposedly gives a breakdown of fat, protein and carbohydrates but I don’t know how reliable it is because I notice that for some specific foods, the App shows a reading of ZERO, which obviously is NOT CORRECT!


  • 3
    Mary Cline

    Using Dean Ornish program. Liking it, eat when I am. Hungry. Losing weight with just a few changes. Exercising also. Feeling good, happier,feeling of reaching a long sought goal is awesome. My husband has joined the program with me. Great. Thanks Dr Ornish