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The Obesity Code Review - 10 Things You Need to Know

Because losing weight seems to be more challenging for some people than it is for others, there are various diet programs out on the market specifically developed to target the loss of stubborn fat. One example of a diet program that advertises that it can help virtually anyone lose weight is called The Obesity Code.

To find out more about this diet book, we looked into its ingredients, potential side effects, and relevant research. We also looked into its user reviews and author. Finally, we condensed all this information to give you the bottom line on The Obesity Code.

The Obesity Code can be purchased through their Official Site.

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What is The Obesity Code?

The Obesity Code is a book written by Dr. Jason Fung, MD. It describes a diet program targeted at those who have a hard time losing weight, even when they follow a regular diet and exercise program.

The author claims each person has a specific fat-burning code in them, which needs to be cracked to lose weight efficiently. He also says that it can be reset if someone learns how to change it by following his intermittent fasting program. What are the proven effects of intermittent fasting?

  • Annual Review of Nutrition: Research into intermittent fasting is trying to prove efficacy in health, at this point. “Several lines of evidence also support the hypothesis that eating patterns that reduce or eliminate nighttime eating and prolong nightly fasting intervals may result in sustained improvements in human health.”
  • Ageing Research Reviews: Various forms of fasting and time-restricted feeding “… in normal and overweight human subjects have demonstrated efficacy for weight loss and improvements in multiple health indicators.”
  • CFP MFPThis study found that intermittent fasting could help with the treatment of obesity under supervision.

Other books by the author:

  • The Diabetes Code: Prevent and Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Naturally
  • Life in the Fasting Lane: How to Make Intermittent Fasting a Lifestyle—and Reap the Benefits of Weight Loss and Better Health
  • The Cancer Code: A Revolutionary New Understanding of a Medical Mystery
  • The PCOS Plan: Prevent and Reverse Polycystic Ovary Syndrome through Diet and Fasting

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4 Day Diet

The Obesity Code Diet Rules

To follow The Obesity Code diet properly, the author claims its users have to start eating like their ancestors. It’s no easy task, though.

First, all snacks are eliminated, and food is only for consummation during specific times of the day.

During the fasting periods, only liquids, such as coffee, tea, water, and broth, are allowed. Those following the program are encouraged to drink as much of these as they want. As long as they don’t add sugar or any form of milk to them for flavoring.

The Obesity Code and Exercise

The Obesity Code encourages exercise during your fasting time. It is because early humans had to keep traveling across far distances each day to survive, even if they were hungry and tired.

However, exercising after not eating for several days in a row is difficult because the body is starved of energy. Plus, if a person pushes themselves too hard with such little energy, they could become hurt a lot easier.

The Obesity Code Food List

Unfortunately, The Obesity Code doesn’t give a lot of information about what food a person should eat during the intermittent-fasting schedule. It focuses more on the consumption of clear liquids and the avoidance of food altogether.

However, it does encourage regular “free days” where a person eats whatever they want without considering the nutritional or caloric nature of them. This could make it more challenging to follow a pattern of healthy eating.


The Obesity Code Book Claims

The Obesity Code is just one version of an intermittent-fasting program. There have been many of them created, but their concepts are all based on the same health principles.

The author of The Obesity Code says that the current way that people eat several times a day exhausts the pancreas from having to release insulin to lower the blood sugar spikes continuously.

Dr. Fung also claims that a person’s body has a “secret code” built into their body related to their genetics. By forcing the body to go without food through the use of an intermittent-fasting program, they can change this code, allowing their body to start burning fat at a higher rate than it normally would.


The Obesity Code Program Benefits

The Obesity Code claims that a person can have the following health benefits while following their diet plan:

Increased Testosterone

When someone stops eating so much food, they develop a lower level of body fat. Fat contributes to the production of estrogen, which is why those who are severely obese may have a hormone imbalance.

By lowering the amount of fat in the body, there is less estrogen overload. This may have a beneficial impact on muscle mass, energy, sex drive, and self-confidence in both men and women.

Weight Loss

The significant drop in the number of calories that are consumed daily causes weight loss. However, the weight that is lost varies from person to person.

Some people claim to be able to shed 20 pounds or more in a month while intermittent fasting. However, we could not find users who experienced such drastic weight-loss after trying The Obesity Code diet plan.

Improved Energy Levels

The Cleveland Clinic says that when the body stops expecting food regularly, it may adapt to use the fat that a person already has and the sugar that it receives when someone does eat more efficiently.

This could help improve a person’s energy throughout the day.

Is The Obesity Code Diet Safe?

If the methods used in The Obesity Code are applied for a short period, as a method of healing the pancreas and boosting the metabolism, it may be safe to try. However, most health experts say that it isn’t an excellent program to use for more than a month.

Those who are pregnant or nursing should never attempt intermittent fasting. Parents shouldn’t have their small children use the program either, even if they are overweight.

People with blood sugar issues or health conditions have to be especially careful if they try The Obesity Code too since it could make their blood sugar level too low.


Is The Obesity Code Expensive?

The book costs $20 online. Users don’t have to purchase any prepackaged meals, snacks, or drinks either.

The amount of food that a person eats is severely reduced, which means that they have to buy fewer groceries than usual.

Overall, it is one of the least expensive diets that someone could try.

What Users Are Saying

What Users Are Saying

“This book is a great logically factual eye opener on why obesity rates have increased even through out all cultural, government and medical efforts to combat it. Dr. Fung presents a practical approach by introducing the missing elements of reducing refined carbohydrates and involving intermittent fasting. I would like to see a second book spending more time on the solutions and include some success stories.”

“Great discussion about obesity, hormones, sugars, food and diet. However, if you have tried many diets before by now, you probably know most of the things in here. The book fails to address why some people can stay in healthy weight all their life even though they don’t fast, snacking and eat a lot of sugar, refined carbohydrates, or process food.”

“The book explains the reasons for failures of the reduced fat and reduced calories diets. It recommends intermittent fasting as the best and permanent solution for long term weight loss.”

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line on The Obesity Code

At this point, you’re probably wondering if this book is worth buying. Unfortunately, we have some concerns about their diet. First, their claims don’t seem to be backed by research. Additionally, intermittent fasting can be a very difficult dieting method to follow.

Losing weight shouldn’t have to be so hard. If you’re looking for effective diet support, you should choose a program with clinically-researched methods.

Among the best programs we’ve found this year is one called Noom. The combination of unique one-on-one coaching, custom meal plans, food logging, exercise tracking and more are why we believe this app can make a difference in many lives.

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The Obesity Code Review
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The Obesity Code

What are the ingredients in The Obesity Code?

The “ingredients” in the The Obesity Code book include exercise, eating at specific times of the day, avoidance of snacks and taking only fluids such as tea, coffee, water and broth.

What are the side effects of The Obesity Code?

Possible The Obesity Code side effects could be deficiency in nutrients, allergic reactions and digestive issues.

Does The Obesity Code work?

Yes. Outstanding customer reviews from 22,976 reviewers with a 4.6 out of 5 rating suggest the book delivered to help weight loss as promised. (Based on Amazon stats as of May 2022.)

What is the price of The Obesity Code?

The paperback of The Obesity Code book costs $15.76.

Where can I buy The Obesity Code?

You can find the book available for sale on Amazon.

Where can I buy The Obesity Code?

The Obesity Code can be purchased using their Official Site.

How should I take The Obesity Code?

Read the book carefully and follow the guidelines and recommendations correctly to attain maximum results.

How do I contact The Obesity Code customer service?

You can contact The Obesity Code customer service through Dr Jason Fung’s page on Amazon or via twitter at @drjasonfung.

Can I return The Obesity Code?

No. This is unlikely for a book of this nature and there are no such statements available. It definitely will not work for every man on Earth.

What are the most common complaints with The Obesity Code?

There are no related complaints about The Obesity Code book from users.

5 The Obesity Code Reviews

  • A Must Read for Nutrition and Diet

    A pivotal text for understanding diet and nutrition (especially for Americans and their broken metabolism). Jason Fung was way ahead of his time upon publication, reporting what very few knew, and still fewer dared to say publicly because of the mountain of misinformation out there in the medical profession, disinformation promulgated by the food industry, and the amount of shade thrown at anyone talking about fasting at the time. Reading this again, or for the first time, should be a touchstone for anyone attempting to (re)gain dietary health, but it really is remarkable to consider how out there on an island and alone (and criticized) Fung was when this book was published and to note how now many of the underlying premises have since become widely accepted by a host of others in the medical community. Fung really did a huge service to society with this book and freed the elephant from the closet.

  • Get the Book
    Brandon (Verified Purchase)

    My wife and I are disabled veterans. We’ve tried traditional diet and exercise but, while otherwise healthy, never got lasting weight loss. We were even in the VA weight loss program with regular dietician check ins and daily weight tracking…

    We’re only 2 months in but I’ve lost 30 lbs and she’s lost 20. We’re not strictly following it but easing ourselves in. I went from 3-4 energy drinks a day, plus caffeine, to natural energy. Both of us have lessened our acid reflux issues as well. More than anything, its sustainable. We limit ourselves to 50 carbs a day, not by meticulously counting everything, but by making smart choices.

  • Read it or get the audiobook...
    Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    An amazing, transformational way of life. Beware any advice and listen to the audio book for yourself, decide for yourself, and share it.

  • This way of life works!
    Gail (Verified Purchase)

    As someone who has lost 126 lbs in 18 months through intermittent fasting and lowering my carbs and sugar, I can assure you these principles work! The best part is they are 100% free. You can borrow this book from your local library, watch Dr. Fung’s talks on YouTube, or join one of the hundreds of Facebook groups that support fasting. It’s the only free weigh loss/health support I’ve ever found and the best part is, it works exactly as described in the book.

    • Jeanne Nooney

      Absolutely! I think Fung would really like to change the health of Americans. That’s why he has so much available online.

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