Dexatrim Max Maximum Weight Loss Tablets Review

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Dexatrim Max Maximum Weight Loss Tablets could be the same product as Dexatrim Max20. The ingredient lists look eerily similar and there is a reference in one product description to Max20. Dexatrim is a trusted name in weight loss and diuretic supplements, but the ingredient list for this product leaves much to be desired. There are healthy vitamins mixed in with caffeine to boost energy and a dose of chromium to control hunger. The trouble is not in the ingredients themselves, but in the fact that Dexatrim Max Maximum Weight Loss Tablets do not reveal how much of each ingredient is included.

List of Ingredients

Vitamin B Complex, Chromium, EGCG from Green Tea and Potassium.

Product Features

The simple ingredient list appears to be packed with proven weight loss ingredients and it is, but we have no idea how much of each ingredient is included. The vitamin B complex supports healthy energy. The dieter will likely feel quite the boost from the supplement, but that boost will last only a short time as B vitamins are used quickly and expelled quickly from the body.

Chromium controls blood glucose levels helping the body stave off cravings associated with sharp glucose drops. This ingredient is commonly used as the main appetite suppressant in diet pills. EGCG is proven to boost metabolism, but green tea also have other health benefits. There is no green tea in the Dexatrim Max Maximum Weight Loss Tablets. This is a huge negative as clinical research supports using green tea for weight loss, not just EGCG.

Potassium appears on the ingredient list, but we have no idea why potassium is important in a weight loss supplement. We have found potassium in diuretic supplements to replace potassium lost during increased urination, but not in weight loss products. This could mean the supplement has a diuretic effect.

There is a rather long warning on the product. If the supplement causes rapid heart rate or dizziness a doctor should be notified immediately. There are no stimulants in the supplement so where would the negative side effects come from?

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  • We found all ingredients online.
  • Simple ingredient list.


  • Could contain hidden ingredients.
  • May cause dizziness and rapid heart rate.


There is something missing on the ingredient list for Dexatrim Max Maximum Weight Loss Tablets. If the product could cause negative side effects like rapid heart rate, there has to be a stimulant. There is no stimulant listed on the ingredient list and no proprietary blend that could be hiding the stimulant. Green tea does contain caffeine, but the label states EGCG not caffeine. With so many questions surrounding potential ingredients, we suggest the dieter choose a different supplement.

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