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While fad diets abound, the most successful diets tend to be those associated with long-term planning approaches and that encourage lifestyle changes more than a strict focus on weight loss numbers. One such program is Dr Phil’s The Ultimate Weight Solution, a program designed to encourage users to change their lives for the better in order to live more healthily. As part of this wider health approach, not only will users lose weight, but they’ll also increase their activity levels, and therefore their overall fitness as well. The program is said to draw on well known psychologist Dr Phil McGraw’s experience in treating patients dealing with weight and health issues.

List Of Ingredients

The program includes a book including a diet plan, as well as a number of diet foods and supplements including a range of vitamins and minerals.

Product Details

The Ultimate Weight Solution by Dr Phil McGraw includes a book designed to help users begin their weight loss program; a number of other books with meal plans and guides are also available. The Ultimate Weight Solution retails for around $15, with the other books retailing for between $10 and $17. Also included as part of the program is a line of diet foods, such as shakes and meal replacement bars, as well as supplements; these are purchased separately.

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  • Encourages the consumption of healthy foods
  • Is a sustainable approach to dietary change
  • Encourages users to look at the reasons underlying their weight gain


  • Dr Phil is not a nutritionist or suitably qualified medical professional in this area
  • The program includes a number of supplements and extras that appear to undermine the value of the program


The Dr Phil diet on the surface appears to encourage a healthy approach to weight loss and dietary change, focusing as it does on the psychological or habitual factors underlying weight gain or overeating. The program aims to address these problems before encouraging users to lose weight, and as such may be useful in helping to encourage sustainable approaches to weight loss and eating. In addition, the suggested dietary plan is overall a healthy one that does not involve unsustainable calorie cutting, but rather encourages a wide-ranging and nutritious diet that is supplemented by regular exercise. Both of these are excellent approaches to helping to lose weight in the long term and to keep it off as well. However, users should be aware that while Dr Phil is a medical professional, he is not necessarily trained in the health and nutrition area, and as such, users may wish to be somewhat skeptical about the claims made by this dietary approach, and in particular the meal replacement bars and supplements also available as part of the plan. These extras seem to undermine the healthy eating and exercise approach promoted by the rest of the diet.

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