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The False Fat Diet is a book written by a medical doctor who after studying food allergies, determined he had some of his own. The food allergies he found contributed to bloating, water weight and swelling that he calls “false fat” in this book. He wrote the book to help people address potentially unknown food allergies so they can remove them from their diet and get rid of the false fat that makes them look and feel bad.

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The Fast Fat Diet relies on getting rid of the foods you are most allergic to, and when you do, you will start to see a major difference in how you look and feel, because losing weight is less of an uphill battle. Dr. Haas says that most people are allergic to the foods they crave the most, including sugar. There are seven common food allergens that many people are allergic to because they are found in virtually everything. These foods are: sugar, wheat, dairy, eggs, corn, soy, and peanuts. Sugar, wheat and corn are the most common allergens because they are found in processed foods. Other common food allergies include: shellfish, other nuts, and fruits including strawberries and tomatoes, and various vegetables. The reason these things are such common allergens is because they are so widely used and we are exposed to them all the time. Eating a diet packed with foods you are allergic to can contribute to issues such as: PMS, gas and bloating, ADD, asthma, diabetes, fibromyalgia, and various other ailments that plague America today. Dr. Haas said that after following an allergen free diet for a while, many of his patients no longer saw symptoms of the conditions that drove them to feeling so bad before.

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  • The Fast Fat Diet involves getting rid of food allergens to improve your health.


  • The Fast Fat Diet is highly restrictive and can be hard to stick to over the long term.
  • This diet may not produce long term weight loss.
  • This does not address exercise.
  • This is considered a fad diet that is not safe to follow for long.


The Fast Fat Diet was actually created in 2000. The diet is a fad, that is not considered safe because it eliminates so much of the important nutrition we really need to function at our best. Carefully watching what you eat to monitor for adverse reaction is important, but if you want to lose weight, you need a balanced reduced calorie diet and regular exercise to really see results. Eating more whole, raw, foods is important because overly processed foods are not good for you and will make it easier to gain weight.

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    This diet is not meant for long term. The only really restriction is the first 7 days to eliminate your body of the allergens, you then add the 7 allergens back into your diet to see how your body reacts. I’d say this isn’t a fad.