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Fattache appears to be a product of a Puerto Rico-based company of the same name. There are a number of products in the Fattache line, including a carb control with hoodia, a classic blend and an updated formula. The supplements all seem to be geared toward helping dieters reach their weight loss goals. The products are available for sale through a number of online retailers, although the Fattache company doesn’t seem to offer the products directly.

Fattache Forte XF (extra fast) appears to be the newest formula in the Fattache line. This product claims to help dieters lose weight faster while regulating bowel movements and protecting against some form of disease. Based on the limited amount of information provided by the company, we believe this supplement may be nothing more than a fiber addition. However, we will look more closely at the formula to see if it provides any benefits to weight loss as well.


Liposan and psyllium.

Product Features

We were unable to confirm any of the other ingredients for this formula. We would strongly caution consumers against ordering any supplement when the complete ingredient list is clearly laid out, since it is impossible to ascertain the safety and effectiveness of a formula without this vital information.

Liposan is said to be included in the Fattache Forte XF formula because it is even more potent than chitosan at binding fat for elimination from the body. We are skeptical of this statement, since even chitosan remains to be proven as an effective weight loss ingredient. Psyllium is used in many weight loss supplements because of its laxative properties; however, laxatives have not been proven effective in long-term weight loss at this point.

We found Fattache Forte XF for sale on some websites for about $30 a bottle at the time of this review. It appears that one bottle will be sufficient to get dieters through a month or two. We could not find a money back guarantee or free trial offers for the product.

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  • Fattache Forte XF is available through a number of online retailers.


  • We were unable to find a complete ingredient list for the product.
  • We could not find a money back guarantee or free trial offer.
  • The product does not appear to contain a proven fat burner or appetite suppressant.


The many weight loss supplements on the market today allow consumers to be choosy about the supplements they select. We recommend purchasing supplements that offer a complete ingredient list and money back guarantee that offers consumers peace of mind in shopping risk free. Fattache does not provide this information, so we must caution consumers to look elsewhere for their weight loss needs.

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    Your Name

    can you used fattache if you troubling from high blood preasure


  • 2

    it’s my second day i wish to lose 10 kg :s


  • 3

    I used it for 4 months, I did not work whatsoever, ther worst purchased I have ever made, I do not trust any product that are sold next to this either


  • 4

    It has worked really good for me. With a balanced diet and very little exercize I have managed to loose 20 kilos in 2 months, I find it amazing!!!


  • 5

    Can I use fattache with hippertension?


  • 6

    just wanna see the comments and of people who already use fattache. and the feedbacks for this products.


  • 7

    The ingredients listed in fattache bottle include gelatin. What is the source of this gelatin ?