Franco Carlotto’s Carb Cycle Review

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Franco Carlotto’s Carb Cycle is a book that aims to explain how you can lose weight while you still eat carbs. Franco Carlotto is a six-time Mr. World Fitness winner, so we know his approach likely has some merit. If you’re interested in learning more about losing weight and getting healthy all while still being able to enjoy carbohydrates, read this review to find out more.

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Franco Carlotto’s Carb Cycle works on the principle that you can lose weight and boost your metabolism by eating certain types of carbs at certain points throughout the day. This book focuses on learning the difference between good and bad carbs, and increasing your intake of the good complex carbs rather than the bad, simple carbs. He also tells you which days to “cycle” or to cut your carb consumption in half. The real emphasis throughout this program is whole foods. He says you should eat protein every day, along with healthy fats. The program will restrict your carb intake about four days a week. The plan is not meant to be a quick way to lose weight, but rather a lifelong approach to health. He approaches it with serving size, rather than by counting calories. The plan is broken down into three cycles, each 30 days long. The cycles allow the person to get used to each stage of the plan before moving on to the next. Though exercise is not required to see results on this plan, Carlotto provides a plan for each day including stretching, cardio and strength It changes with the phases of the program.

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  • Franco Carlotto’s Carb Cycle is the same plan he used to achieve his high fitness status.
  • This plan does not require exercise to see results.


  • Franco Carlotto’s Carb Cycle may be difficult to adhere to for life, which is what the author advocates for best results.
  • The exercise that is recommended to complement this plan may be difficult for some people.
  • Keeping up with the carb contents of foods may be more difficult than counting calories.
  • Getting portion sizes correct may be difficult.


Franco Carlotto’s Carb Cycle definitely has some merit, because it has worked so well for Carlotto. However, for the vast majority of people, it is a plan that will incredibly difficult to execute, especially during those initial stages. If you give this program a try, we recommend starting out slow, and sticking with it for at least a full phase. For even better results, use the exercise plan he provides, as well as a clinically proven safe and effective appetite suppressant or fat burner.

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