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The Geek Diet is a book written by Mark Faithfull. He wrote the book targeted at the “geeks” of the world. People who are interested in things that make “normal” people think of them as “geeks” should be able to relate to the book, which presents health and weight loss in a different light than most health and weight loss books in the genre. No matter whether or not you are a geek at heart, if you are interested in this different approach to weight loss, take a look at this review to see if you think the book is worth reading.

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The Geek Diet doesn’t require you follow any menus, but instead requires you to follow rules. The rules are: half of what you eat every day should be fresh produce; eat on a smaller plate so you are automatically reducing your portion sizes; choose what you want to eat, serve it, and put the leftovers away; do not multi-task while eating; and, eat whenever you are hungry, serving portions in relation to how hungry you are, rather than eating at set times throughout the day. The idea is that by following these rules you will be able to eat less, eat healthier, and to train your palette to be happier with healthier food choices. Doing these things will not only make it easier to lose weight in the short term but make it easier to keep off over the long term.

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  • The Geek Diet is an affordable book.
  • This uses a common sense approach to weight loss.
  • The read is fun and easy, rather than scientific and boring.


  • The Geek Diet is not a diet, but more of a lifestyle.
  • Lifestyle changes are hard to stick to over the long term to see the results you need.
  • The Geek Diet presents a generalized diet and nutrition philosophy rather than one with a specific approach.
  • Though exercise is addressed, it is not addressed in specifics or in detail.


The Geek Diet presents dieting and weight loss in an easy-to-understand method. The diet’s name makes it misleading, but ultimately this lifestyle could be applied by anyone who wants to use a common sense approach to weight loss. The “geek” gimmick is a nice touch, but if you follow the advice presented in the book, you will lose weight. It is not in depth or technical, which may turn some people off, but on the other hand, may make it more enjoyable for the average person. All in all, a balanced diet and exercise must work together to produce long term weight loss. If you want more power behind your routine, add a clinically proven weight loss supplement.

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