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A Gluten-free diet is typically consumed by a person diagnosed with a gluten allergy or Celiac Disease. These conditions make digesting protein found in gluten-containing grains difficult and potentially deadly. In some cases, weight loss is associated with Celiac Disease and gluten allergy because the small intestine cannot digest gluten. The gluten-free diet is not necessarily a weight loss diet because whole grains are a good source of protein and fiber which may help dieters feel fuller, longer.

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Diet with all sources of gluten removed.

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There are several books published with menus, tips and tricks for following a gluten-free diet. While there is no contraindication for eating foods with gluten for most dieters, some believe the presence of gluten may cause weight gain, gas, bloating and other uncomfortable side effects. Gluten is the protein in wheat, so finding foods that are gluten free requires great dedication and information about hidden source of gluten.

Typically, a whole food diet consisting of no prepackaged foods or foods containing flour are safe for those with Celiac Disease or other gluten allergy. The diet can also contain corn, potato, rice, soybeans, quinoa and tapioca. Additives and altered foods like hydrolyzed vegetable protein and modified starches typically contain gluten which is why a whole foods diet is better.

Taking into consideration that many dieters claim an unhealthy diet of processed foods before attempting to lose weight, a gluten-free diet could help with weight loss. The diet will not directly increase metabolism, but dieters will no longer be able to consume a majority of processed foods and thus calorie reduction will likely follow.

There are no guidelines for losing weight with a gluten-free diet, so dieters will need to research Celiac Disease diets or menus for gluten-free diet plans for more information about how the diet should be planned.

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  • Information on a gluten-free diet is widely available.
  • Gluten-free products are readily available in specialty shops and grocery stores.


  • Gluten-free alternatives are more expensive.
  • There are no known gluten-free diet plans with weight loss in mind.
  • Removing all gluten from the diet may be too restricting for dieters who don’t have to remove gluten.
  • Weight loss is not guaranteed on a gluten-free diet.


The topic of gluten-free dieting in gaining popularity as more people are attributing intestinal disorders to gluten. A whole food diet does not typically contain stabilizers, starches, flavorings, emulsifiers and added plant proteins. These are all sources of gluten. If a dieter wants to return to a more natural diet without gluten, they must learn how to read labels and consume foods with no natural or added gluten. The process can be difficult, but the gluten-free diet could result in some weight loss as more whole foods replace processed foods.

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