Hydroxycut Brazilian Acai With Green Coffee Bean Review

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Hydroxycut Brazilian Acai with Green Coffee Bean is a new product from an old company. After Hydroxycut pulled all supplements from the shelves for potential liver problems, the company reformulated everything and came back anew. The one ingredient we notice is missing from all the supplements is Garcinia Cambogia or Hydroxycitric acid. This is the ingredient in question that caused the massive recall of Hydroxycut products. The new line offers bright packaging, but inside the ingredients are less than thrilling.

List of Ingredients

Brazilian Acai with Green Coffee Extract Blend: Brazilian Acai, Green Coffee Extract, Caffeine Anhydrous.

Produce Features

The ingredients are packaged in a proprietary blend. Typically, the first ingredient is in the highest concentration, so that would be Brazilian Acai. We assume because Hydroxycut is a trusted company they would never use fake acai as is the case with some product lines. Acai is an antioxidant, but it does not promote weight loss. The name alone is often enough to increase sales, however.

Next is green coffee extract. Hydroxycut Brazilian Acai with Green Coffee Bean does not list any benefits for this ingredient, but they do mention the fact that it is proven to increase weight loss. The study referenced was funded by Hydroxycut so it is completely useless. If Hydroxycut funded the study it will support the supplement 100%, every time.

Caffeine Anhydrous is powdered caffeine and it is the only good ingredient in the supplement for weight loss. There may be too much caffeine for some dieters, however, and there is no way of knowing unless the dieter contacts the company. The proprietary blend is a lock and key that hides all ingredient amounts so Hydroxycut will not tell even if a dieter calls (sorry!)

No free trials are offered on the official website for Hydroxycut Brazilian Acai with Green Coffee Bean and the product cannot be purchased online.

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  • All ingredients are listed.
  • Few ingredients could mean a straight-forward product.


  • Online purchases are not supported.
  • Reference study was funded by Hydroxycut.
  • Caffeine is the only active weight loss ingredient.
  • Acai will not increase weight loss.
  • The dieter has no idea how much the supplement is selling for.


Hydroxycut Brazilian Acai with Green Coffee Bean missed the mark for weight loss completely. After having so much trouble with ingredients, you would think the company would come out with a product and tell the world what is in it and how much is in it, but that is not the case. This supplement may boost weight loss a bit if the right amount of caffeine is included but that is something the dieter would have to take a chance on and with the history of the Hydroxycut name, dieters may not be willing to take a chance.

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    Karri Lees

    I just had a baby 5 months ago and am trying to lose the weight. I weighed 111 before I was pregnant and now I weigh 128. I want to get back down to 108 to 111. I am doing the P90X work out and was wondering if I could use this Hydroxycut to lose weight and use this exercise at the same time. Or is there a different diet I can use with the P90X?